What is an RE?
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JC - October 30

Can anyone please tell me what RE stands for? I'm sure it's really simple but I cannot think today! My doctor wants me to have a lap done before trying any meds....is this normal?? I'm scared to have a lap done. Also, with being a police officer, I can't really take the time off for recovery. I would prefer not to come to work after surgery...lol I'm the only female officer here, so it's hard for these guys to understand. Please help! [email protected]


JC - October 30

An RE is a reproductive endocrinologist. They specialize in fertility matters!


RR - November 5

To JC- Why does your doctor want a lap done? Have you had tests that show you need one? If you have not then I would suggest a different doc because there are several tests that show if you even need one.


eb - November 5

You will positively need a few days off after the surgery.



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