What do you think? infertility...please answer!
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Corrine321 - March 30

Okay could a guy be infertile if hes been doing meth off and on and smoking weed like everyother day and drinking every other day or everyday? he's been doing it since he was a teen and he's 20 now.. What are the chances of him being infertile?


p - March 30

Additional factors in infertility include the following:recreational drugs, such as alcohol, methadone, and marijuana...another website:
with infertility include tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methadone. Just google methadone and male infertility and you'll see tons of stuff. I'd look for a new man if he's doing that kind of stuff. Not a very good role model for a child to be coming into.


Nikki - March 30

Drug use could certainly have lowered his sperm quality, but the only way to know is to have his guys tested.
I have some of the same concerns for my dh. He used to have a meth addiction and he also smoked a good bit of weed and we have been trying for almost 8 months now. However, I'm not so sure the problem is with him since I am starting to suspect that I am not even ovulating.
I wish you luck and I hope the drug use you are talking about is in the past. If it is, that is fine, everyone makes mistakes and hopefully you'll get pregnant soon. But if my dh was still doing drugs, I wouldn't even consider having a child.


crystal - March 30

been there. that's how i met my husband, he was selling dope to some friends of mine. we both used for a few years in our teens but have not in over three years. he did though continue to smoke weed everyday and drink often. he was very honest with our fertility doctor about it and she wasnt' concerned, she did though tell us that we should stop smoking and drinking while trying to get pregnant. so i've been clean for a few months of pot and alcohol and it's been one month for him. but he promised me he wouldn't touch it until i conceive. i worry too that this may have messed us up but his sperm are great and my tubes are clear. and like i said dr's are not concerned. i have been ttc for 10 months now and not one conception. at least if i had a m/c i would know that i'm able to conceive. but nothing. i know that sounds bad but i just feel like i will never get pregnant. by the way i am 22 and he is 26. i need a waiting buddy if your up for it. this month i did not detect O. i tested from day 13 up to day 19 and nothing. first month that has ever happened. but i did just recently get off prozac i was taking for almost a year. but i wanted to quit everything and ttc. dr.'s told me i could continue to take my prozac after i conceived. but i wouldn't like that. i would have his guys checked and u checked out to just to know. good luck


jamie - April 2

it doesnt necessarily make a guy infertile because he uses drugs..my sister was with a guy who smoked crack and she didnt and she got pregnant and the baby died 6 months later because he had breathing problemms but he died from sids and the dr said most likely the drugs were in his sperm when she got pregnant and that was why the baby had so many problems..also my step-sister and her husband both smoked weed while she was pregnant and while she was trying to get pregnant and they have 3 healthy girls..although all three girls are really hyper



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