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ladybug1007 - March 1

I am a 30 year old woman and I have been married for 2 years and we have been together for 4 years. We have never used protection and have never become pregnant. The issue with us is that I have very irregular periods. Sometimes I can miss 4 or 5 months at a time and most recently I have had a constant period for over a month now which most of the time is very light. Everytime I go to the doctor they want to put me on birth control pills to control my periods but I don't want to be on the pill, we want to get pregnant. What are my other options that I can discuss with my doctor for which I have an appointment for tomorrow? I have been anemic several times, one time needing a blood transfusion. Could that also be contributing to my infertility?


carrot top - March 1

Hi Ladybug, Just thought I should share that my cousin was TTC and nothing was happening. She had to go on birth control to regulate her periods and once they were regulated she went off them and got pregnant. Maybe this is what your doctor is trying to do? I hope everything works out for you.



slowpoke01 - March 1

first of all, have you had any testing done to see if you have pcos. polycystic ovarian syndrome can cause women to have irregular periods. do you see an ob/gyn or a specialist. i would suggest that you go to an re and have testing done. they will test for endometriosis, pcos, if you arent having periods that often then more than likely you are not ovulating, and if you arent ovulating then you cant get pregnant. i would suggest that you go get some testing done. good luck.


ladybug1007 - March 1

I have had testing done. No PCOS or anything like that. They've seen no issues with why I can't conceive. My husband's sperm count is normal. The only thing they can tell me is hormonal problems are contributing to my infertility.


Tink - March 1

i would still seek help from a specialist....have you had all your bloodwork ran, estrogen, progesterone etc. on the right days of your cycle? have you done a clomid challenge test to see if you are ovulating at all? have you tracked your temps? have you done a hamster test to see if your cervical mucus is hostile to his sperm? have you done a dye test to ensure your tubes are clear? do they suspect endo? there are all things the specialist will do that the OB/gyn doesn't always do. the clomid helped me become more regular and ensured i ovulated. i never went months w/out a period, but i could have a 18 day cycle one month and a 43 day cycle the next. i have been more regular since seeing the specialist and being on meds. I was not put on BCP. DH and i used NO protection for 5 years without an 'accidental baby'. so we knew there were issues and started TTC actively with the ob/gyn and testing. then moved on to the specialist after 6 months of help with the gyn didn't work I am now 4 weeks pregnant through in vitro after more than a year of treatments and IUIs and meds.


Tink - March 1

by the way, we have no issues either, but seeing a specialist made the difference for us. it took 4 months of clomid, 4 IUIs (2 with injectables) and finally in vitro to get us pregnant, but it did work. we woul d probably still be spinning our wheels if we had not seen the specialist. i am 33 and athletic and healthy. we have 'unexpalined' infertility. but your crazy cycles mean something is up and perhaps you aren't ovulating at all, and if you are, you can't know when since it is so irregular. seek real help and good luck



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