Was I pregnant?????
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s - February 22

Last week I was a couple of days late and I just felt pg, peeing all the time, boobs hurt, so I took a hpt and it was pos, then about 3 or4 days later I didn't feel as pg so I took another one and it was neg. I started bleeding w/o cramping that night but bleed for only a day and then stopped. I go in for blood work tomorrow... has this happened to anyone??? What is going on???? PLEASE RESPOND!!!!


Mega - February 22

I've never had it happen but it sounds like it might be a chemical pregnancy. Good luck with your appt. tomorrow. I'm sorry for what you're going through. Hang in there. I'll be hoping for the best though. Beta tests are much more definitive than a HPT. Please keep us posted.


s - February 22

Thanks for your response, I've had 1 miscarriage already, what are the chances that the doc will start looking into problems now if this turns out to be a miscarraige? I have heard that they only start to look into problems after 3 mis. Any advice?


anno - February 23



lisa_sc - February 23

I have had that happen before also. Some of the pg test test so sensitive that it can pick up the slightest thing. I went to my doctor and she told me I wasn't pregnant, so I asked her about running test. How long have you been ttc? My dh and I have been trying for almost 5 years now. If you been ttc for a while and already had a m/c, I don't see why they wouldn't start on the testing. Good Luck to you!


Jeanette - February 23

sounds like a chemical pregnancy to me.


Mega - February 23

I'm sorry about your recent m/c. I've heard the 3 m/c "rule" too, but 1 of my friends was able to get testing after her 2nd m/c & now she's almost into her 3rd trimester of PG. So I'd get asertive if you have to with a dr, see if they can't figure out what's going on now. My friend went to a RE, insisted that they run tests, etc. Good luck. Hang in there, S!


s - February 24

Well I got my blood work back and the doc office said that I was never pregnant. my level was at 1 so there was never a pregnancy. I'm totally confused! We've only been trying for about a year with I guess 1 miscarriage but my doc said that we could look into what was going on so I guess we'll see.


Mega - February 27

Our homones do whacky things to our bodies sometime. I hope your dr figures out what happened this last cycle. Good luck. Take care!


s - February 28

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it!!! Hopefully she will figure it out!


BrendaW - March 3

I did this as well, Positive test and then start bleeding like a week later and test would be negative. My doctor told me it was early pregnancy miscarriages as this has happened to me a lot. A couple took longer but the rest were very early miscarriages. And some doctors did change it to 2 miscarriages and start testing for problems.



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