waiting for O on jan. 18-20 wanna wait with me?
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sunflower7180 - January 15

i am due to O on jan. 18-20 how about anybody else? wanna have the long 2ww with me? i think that the 2ww is worse then the bfn's. you get the bfn's in a few second but have to wait 2 weeks to get it. now what that is just worng if you ask me. well baby dust to all and good luck!


Lilly - January 25

Hi sunflower 7180, I had opk positive CD13, 14 amd morning CD 15, and it was 19/20/21 january.Today is my CD 19 and I'm in 2ww stage.Trial began.Im a bit nervose becose TTC since jun/july, than had M/C in novembar and still not lucky.I will probably go for a blood test , want to be prepared for IUI or IVF if not pregnant.All what can I do now is to pray.Hope we will both have ++++++++soon.Loads of baby dust to you.


sunflower7180 - January 25

yeah we have been ttc since june as well with no luck as of yet, maybe this time will be our time. i can test tomorrow and then will test everyday until the 31 when af is due. hope she skips us this month. baby dust!!



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