two hsg, two laproscopies and two miscarriaes NOW WHAT!
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kotkot005 - May 10

well i just need to vent after a two and half year of pain and continiouse trying, my experiance couldnt be worse any more! i just had enough of everything .. explaining to people why are you late , telling them your last updates .. i am just sick of all of that .. iam sick of doctors , hospitals medications and i just cant hold it anymore. i just fall pregnant on a clomid cycle on Januray, miscarried on March D&C on march followed by laproscopy (for second time) which revealed nothing .... i am totally frustrated and do not know what to do . i just got my period yesterday almost two months after the D&C and i just decided to go for a clomid cycle since i have 6months of enhanced fertility after the laproscopy.
well anyhoughts???


lovemy3 - May 10

I'm sorry you are gong thru all this. I just got my af this a.m too. Its horrible and crappy. I'm sorry...don't lose hope, Big hugs.


kotkot005 - May 10

well that is really terrible dominates my whole life. i do not have anyother options but waitting:) wish you luck. since when have you been trying?


Tink - May 10

so sorry you are going through t his, i know it isn't easy, but you sound strong. so you are currently seeing an RE? have you considered trying IUI or IVF? or try injectables instead of clomid? those would be the next steps, but again, that means more doctors and meds. i wish you the best of luck and LOTS of baby dust!!! i totally know the feeling of having it take over your life. it did for me too, but i got my happy ending after IVF. i'll be praying you will get your happy ending too, everyone deserves it.



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