ttc with clomid
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Janice - December 8

This is my first month using clomid. Amazingly, I didn't have any negative symptomes until day 26 of my cycle. All of a sudden I started feeling irritable and I started feeling crampy. Is that a for sure sign that I am getting my period? Please let me know if anyone has experienced this??? Thank you!


Jen - December 16

The symptoms that I first experienced with Clomid were nausea, vomiting, HOT FLASHES, dizziness. These symptoms were experienced when I while I was taking the pill. The hot flashes continued until after I ovulated. I am on my 4th cycle and I am extremely emotional and still get the hot flashes. That is all that I experience. Don't get your hopes up but stay optimistic. Early symptoms of pregnancy are similar to those of PMS.


Gabby Davis - August 16

Does clomid really work? I am going to start it next month. we have been tring for 2 years and would really like some hope.


sherie - August 17

Ahhhh! The clomid makes me very emotional, I cry when I am happy, sad, or for no reason at all. Dont let me get angry because then I am stuck in it for a while. Every time its time for me to take clomid again I ask my husband if he can handle it. Because we know its the clomid we just try our best to laugh it off. I conceived on clomid about 4 or 5 months ago but miscarried so we are trying again. I just got done taking my 3rd cycle of clomid. Maybe just maybe this is my month. I am now using those ovulation peee sticks to let me know if I will ovulate within the next 24 hrs., but so far I have rec'd no LH surge line. Is anyone else trying this?


KellyN - August 17

The clomid makes me very "touchy". I'm glad dh is out of town this week. I also get hot flashes. After I'm done taking the last day, the symptoms stay with me for one day, then go away, and I turn back into calm, nice Kelly again. Gabby, clomid is working for me. I ovulated last month with a vengence! I have pcos. What is your fertility issue??


gabby - August 25

I also have pcos.


Eliza - August 26

Beware of generics. I took the Generic form of clomid and it made the back of my eyes hurt. My dr suggested i switch to the brand name, and everything is fine. only a small % of people have these vision side effects, but he said it was almost always (if not always) from the generic brand.


miranda - August 27

hi everyone. i am on prometrium to start my period and im starting clomid this week then i will be on estradiol and prochieve. anyone else doing this method?



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