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skeeter - July 7

I thought those of us on Femara should have our own little support system. I've posted on other threads in here and not had much luck. I'll be going in for an u/s on Monday and if there are follicles I'll give myself an Ovidrel injection. My dr talked about IUI, but I was nervous and said I wanted to try without it for a month. I have PCOS and suffer from anovulation. Good luck ladies!!!


TracyR - July 10

Skeeter... My doctor just put me on Femara. I am taking my 3rd provera tonight so I'll start the Femara probably next week or so. I am taking 5mg CD 5-9... but then my doctor said it didn't really matter, that I could start them 4 days after my last provera... so I am a little confused! Oh well... I'll cross that bridge when I get there. I did 3 cycles of clomid, and it didn't work for me, I didn't ovulate at all. I have PCOS as well. So I'd love to have the support! Let me know how your U/S goes. Also, I am 30 and from Ontario.


skeeter - July 10

My dr had me take it CD 3-7 and tomorrow I'll have an u/s. Hopefully there are follicles there so I can do the Ovidrel and bd.
My dr said that the side effects are supposed to be much better on Femara than on Clomid. I'm 30 and from North Dakota. Good luck Tracy!! I'll post after the u/s.


Samantha27 - July 10

HI Ladies, I took My 4th round of femara this cycle and had an ultra sound done this morning I am on cycle day 13 I was not too happy with the size of folicles I had two measured at 11mm and 12 mm, My first cycle was 21mm and second was 19 at day 14 so I am very disappointed and depressed now b/c I think this month is out for me and hopefully my doctor increase my dosage next month b/c he only has me on 2.5m days 3-7. Good luck with your ultra sound skeeter


skeeter - July 10

Just got back from my u/s. I have one follicle that is 24 mm so I'm going to have my husband give me the Ovidrel shot, bd, and keep my fingers crossed!!! Samantha, I'm sorry your follicles weren't big enough this time. I'll be praying that they're good size next month!! Baby dust to all.


Samantha27 - July 10

That is great Skeeter you better start trying :) and lots of baby dust to you. MY doctor called me with the results and said that 12mm still looks good so for me to continue the opks in the morning and my temping so I will and I am having the pinching pain in my left side so maybe I will be ovulating late this cycle but I am not getting my hopes up


skeeter - July 11

Good luck Samantha!!!


skeeter - July 29

No go for me in July. AF came. I'm back on the Femara. I'll have an u/s on the 10th. Hopefully things look good and I'll give myself the Ovidrel shot.


TracyR - July 30

Skeeter... That sucks! I am sorry! How much Femara were you on? What's the plan now? I am CD 13 now... So we'll see what the next few days bring for my my first cycle of Femara.


skeeter - July 30

I'm taking 2.5 mg/day. Last month there was a 24mm follicle, so my dr left me on the same dose. Good luck to you!!!


TracyR - July 30

Thanks Skeeter! Did your doctor ever have you on Clomid? Or did you go straight to Femara? I did 3 cycles with Clomid where I did not ovulate at all. I have PCOS and will be shocked if I ovulate this month! But my temp was up again this AM. Do you know... Does Femara shorten your cycle a little bit? Thanks so much for the support! It is nice to talk to someone doing the same thing. Except my doctor put me straight onto 5mg of Femara since he was certain 2.5mg wouldn't work. Also he doesn't monitor me for follicles or their size, so no trigger shot for me. I think that he isn't being super pro-active because he wants me to lose more weight. I've lost 25lbs already (I have insulin resistance) but I need to lose more.


skeeter - August 3

My dr wanted to skip the clomid because of the emotional side effects. He said that he prefers femara. I cannot believe that your doctor isn't monitoring you for follicles. You could be filling your ovaries with cysts and be unable to ovulate because of this. The femara did shorten my cycle by quite a bit. AF would usually be here for a full week b4 I started taking femara and now I start the Femara on day 3 of AF and it's pretty much gone the next day. Does he have you taking Metformin for the insulin resistance??


TracyR - August 3

Skeeter... I have often wondered why he hasn't done any ultrasounds to monitor me... Just day 24 progesterone tests. As for "O"ing... I don't think that I did afterall. My temps are up for a few days, then down for a few days, then up again this AM... ARGH!!! Yes, I do take Metformin, 1500mg daily. I wish you lots of luck this cycle!!!


joyh - August 9

I have a ?. Do any of you live in Atlanta? My infertility doc. won't perscribe Femara, because of that study last Nov.,but now there is a new study saying its fine to use. But my practice still won't use. Already been on Clomid which worked well for me, but I've taken more than 12 cycles-so won't prescribe more (2 preg and then 2 miscarr.-looking to have 3rd baby) Looking for practice that will prescribe Femara


skeeter - August 11

Sorry, I'm from North Dakota. Femara can cause birth defects in women that ARE pregnant at the time that they take the medication, NOT because they took the medication prior to conceiving. It's a great medication that doesn't have side effects that clomid does.

I saw my dr today AGAIN.....on Monday the largest follicle was 9.9mm so he wanted to check today and it was 20 mm so I'll do the Ovidrel shot and try again to conceive. Any updates Tracy?? Any updates Samantha??? Good luck joyh!!! Baby dust to everyone!!!


TracyR - August 12

skeeter... Well I just got the results back from my day 24 progesterone test... It was only 1.4!!! So that is no improvement from the clomid at all! I actually was hopeful this cycle because my CM changed and was wetter than normal. But apparently I was not even close to ovulating. So I am quite upset. My doctor said that was my last shot for now until I lose more weight because I produce so many cysts that he is sure that with injectibles I would produce too many follicles. But he never monitors me. I can't help but wonder if he monitored me, maybe a trigger shot is all that I need. But he is the head of the OB/GYN floor at my hospital. So I would hope that he knows his stuff. I am just sad and frustrated right now. Good luck to you though! Sounds like things are moving along well for you!


skeeter - August 12

It is impossible to tell the difference between cysts and follicles unless they open you up. If he's not doing that, he has no proof that you're producing cysts. If he's not doing u/s there is no way for him to even know if you're producing follicles. I've produced numerous follicles the past two months. The Ovidrel is what makes me ovulate. I only take it if there is a follicle of at least 20 mm. The chlomid won't "make" you ovulate. It only "makes" you produce follicles. If your body isn't ovulating on its own, the chlomid won't do any good. I only take one shot/month and that's only if there are follicles of acceptable size. The number of follicles isn't necessarily relevant. They only count if they are of viable size. Last month, I had one in my left ovary that was 24 mm and numerous very small ones on my right. This month, there are 5 small ones (6 mm) on my right and one 20 mm on my left and 2 insignificant ones also on my left. If I were you, I'd find a new doctor. He seems a bit off to me. PCOS and fertility medications make you especially susceptible to Hyper stimulation Syndrome. That's when your body produces so many follicle/cysts and they grow at an alarming rate. That's why it's recommended that u/s be done monthly to make sure that's not happening.



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