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Rhonda - February 22

Hope you all find the new thread.Hello to all my beautiful friends,who deserve the very best life has to offer.We have laughed together and cried together and formed a bond.Our friendship is a bond that cannot be broken.We are all for one and one for all.God bless each of you.


mommy2josh - February 22

Rhonda, thank you for starting a new thread and for the beautiful words. How on Earth are you going to handle recovering from the c-section, a one year old and 3 other kids, your mother and keeping the house? I wish I was near to help you. Let me know if you ever need anything, like formula or diapers. Good luck tomorrow.


1mom - February 22

Rhonda thanlks for starting the new thread. I'm so excited for your new arrival. Do you have any way to post pictures? i hope so because i really want to see that baby! Hi tanya


Rhonda - February 22

Thank you girls,i hope the heading and all is good for the new thread.Tanya i honestly dont know how i am going to do it.I have absolutly nobody to come and help me,and to be honest i am scared to death,How am i going to take care of evrything and not bust my stomach open.Tanya you have done so much for me girl,i owe you big time as it is.Gayle i am going to try to get some pics posted soon as i can.I promise.Love you all.


ROBYN - February 22

Morning girls, glad a new thread was started. I dont know if i should be on here right now i am way too depressed and down and am having a real hard time dealing with this. Everyone says its normal but i just feel completely empty. You dont need that negativity on here when all we want is positivity. I keep thinking in my head that i have killed my baby over and over and how could i hurt something we wanted so bad. Ok... thats my sob story for now i am crying so i am gonna go for a while be back. I love you all i just need you all to know that.


Shauna - February 22

OH ROBYN...I felt like that too with my first pregnancy. It does get better darlin' !!! I am sure I speak for all of us when I say that you can vent/scream/cry all you want on here. We are here for each other and for ourselves too. It helps to have someone who is not directly involved to let our emotions out to. Its healthy. DO let yourself grieve, DO cry and by all means DO remember 'her'. She was important. I believe that someday this will make sense. My son from the molar pregnancy is always going to be a part of the woman that I grew up to be. That experience helped mold my beliefs and my sympathy and empathy. He made me grow up and realize that I need to treat life as a gift and not as a joyride. Your experience will teach you too in your own way. I am thinking of you today and hope that you can move forward witht the next miracle very soon ( when you are ready). ((((((hugs))))))


Rhonda - February 22

Robyn you have every right to feel this way,you did the only thing there was to do.You did not kill your baby,dont think that way.God had other plans for your little girl and i know how hard it is for you,but you do belong on here with all your feelings.We are here to support you and love you in any way you need.I know your heart is broken and only time will help you through it.But you are not a burden to us by any means and we love you and care so much about you honey.


mommywannabe - February 22

Robyn, still thinking of you. Rhonda, I more day and I'm nervous for you. Hope to see you online soon, when you are up to it telling us about Sophie. Katt, hope you find you the car you want soon. Hello's to Brooke, Gayle, Kathy, Katt, Rhonda, Robyn, Tanya(s), Jamie, Shauna, Nicole, Denise, Caron, Esmerelda and anyone else I forgot or left out. I hope I didn't leave anyone else out. I am on CD31 and hopefully testing tomorrow. Don't know what to to think BFP/BFN wise. SO we'll see. I want to just test but I am FLAT BROKE today and don't get paid till tomorrow. Since I am the only one working since DH is laid off. UGH!! So I guess I'll know something tomorrow.


kelley32 - February 22

Thanks for starting the new thread, Rhonda ... I also wish that I was closer to help out, just try and take it as easy as possible. ROBYN, I completely understand how you feel, just know that it will get easier and understand that having these feelings is so important to the healing process ... it really is a process with many levels and good days and bad. I wish that we could hang out together on your couch and watch a movie together while eating junk food, or anything else that you would like to do to make you feel a bit better. You are constantly in my thoughts. ERIN, have you thought about buying your tests from eBay, you can get lots of them for super cheap, next time I TTC I'm going to buy a whole bunch so that I can test as much as I want, LOL. Hi SHAUNA, I've missed you, hope all is well ... you always have such nice, comforting things to say.


mommy2josh - February 22

Oh Robyn, I am so sorry. Shauna said it all. I dont know what you are feeling. I had an abortion when I was 21 and just broke it off with my fiancee when I found out I was pregnant. Didnt want to be tied to him for the rest of my life and wasn't prepared to be a single parent. All I could think is that "I want it out of me", never thought I would ever feel like that. And when I went for the abortion, I couldnt stop crying. I hurt soooo bad. My point is that I was hurting and I didnt even want that child, what would I feel if I had to do in now? ((((hugs Robyn)))) Rhonda, I won't come back here today, so I wanted to say good luck and I hope everything goes well. May be your sister can get on here to let us know how it went. (((Hugs Rhonda))) Erin good luck tomorrow. Good night ladies.


mommywannabe - February 22

I did forget people...Leslie, Kelley and Pooh. I am sorry I always forgot her name. I know I'm an idiot. Please forgive me. LOL!!


bl - February 22

rhonda, thanks for starting the new thread. I wish you the best of luck and the least amount of pain tomorrow. You must be excited and nervous. Robyn, I wish there was something I could do to ease your pain. Please don't ever feel like you are a downer here, we all want to know how you are doing. Erin, keeping my fingers crossed for you.


1mom - February 22

Robyn you can vent as much as you want. This is the place to do it. Most of us have experienced what you are going through and know how you feel. Just know that it will get better. I finally got my chromosome analysis (sp) results back... there wasn't anything wrong! So i guess that is good and bad news for me. Now i have to go have testing done to see what's wrong with me. On top of that my Dr said that the testing could be another hefty bill. But i'm deff. ready to get back into the ttc game again. And i have to confess that my dr has told me ever since i had my D&E to be on "pelvic rest" you know no sex, tampons, baths yada yada. Well we never listened to the no sex thing because i hardly see my husband as it is but last time the condom came off...And before we actually got the condom on we were a little lets say impatient. So i'm pretty sure that this is when i'm o. It just makes me a little nervous because i want to know what is wrong before i get preg again and i know we were stupid, but the man's lost over 30 lbs since he's been in the academy and he's looking mighty sexy. It's hard to think straight when i've got him to myself. So for those who have had a D&E do you count cd1 from the day you had it or how do you calculate it? Myne was on 1-24 and i haven't had a period yet. I'm assuming it will be another week or 2 before i get it because of the cm that i've been having. That's why i think i'm o. Any ideas?


ROBYN - February 22

Anyone who had a D&E maybe Gayle if you can answer how long should i expect to be bleed its only been 2 days. But yesterday the blood was old and today its new again. I need to read all of the posts you all wrote to me.


1mom - February 22

Remember to take it easy Robyn. If you lift heavy things or are too active it will make a gush come. I bled about a week or two but most of the time i only had to wear a light day. It was mainly just spotting. The only time i bled a lot was when i picked my DD up. So i can't tell you enough just rest and take it easy. Are you bleeding heavy?


1mom - February 23

wow it's slow today


kelley32 - February 23

Morning girls ... I hope that everyone is doing well today. It sure will be strange without Rhonda here for the next few days, she's the one who posts the most and always has so much to say ... I hope that her delivery goes well. ROBYN, how are you feeling today? When is your next appt at the RE? GAYLE, that's good news about the results coming back normal, it was probably just a fluke ... you know a while back I read an article that said that some scientists now think that as many as %50 of pregnancies end in m/c, most before the woman even knows that she is pregnant. Well, better go for now, DD is demanding my attention. Have a great day!



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