TTC After April M/C
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Gracie - September 24

I know a lot of women on this forum have been ttc for years...and I just want to tell you first of all how much I respect you. I have been ttc since February and it's already driving me insane!! I got pregnant the end of March, but had a m/c at 7 1/2 weeks. I thought I would be more fertile after the m/c because that's what everyone told me....but it took me 4 months before an opk would even pick up an lh surge!!! So now I'm in my 5th cycle and hoping it works this month. I just started using Fertility Friend this cycle...and it says I o'd on cd 11 which seems way early to me. Last month the opk detected an LH surge at cd21. I didn't think to start using it sooner, so now I don't know if I really o'd or not. I didn't have any ewcm...just very watery cm and lots of it. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else is in my situation and if so, do you want to wait together? I would love to hear about your experiences with this....I feel like something is wrong with me. Any response would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!


Victoria - September 24

I will Wait with you!!!!!!

I am in the same boat right now........We have been ttc for 2 years now..7 cycles of clomid and I just went through my 4 M/c(twins) in 7 months....I am really starting to feel hopless and maybe it just isn't meant to be.....I keep asking myself what did i do wrong, and I ffel less of a woman and is my husband going to stay......and all the mental agony that goes along with it. It is painful and I feel so alone, everyone keeps telling me next time, next time.....But how many M/C's does one person have to go through!!!!!

Where are you from Gracie?
Ps-What is fertility Friend?


kc - September 24

I also mc in April on the 23rd. On the 22 I had an ultrasound that showed a healthy 7 week baby moving with a strong heart beat. My dh was so happy he told everyone he knew that night. It took us 11 months to get the bfp and most of our friends new we were ttc. The next day without warning it happened. Very upsetting. Not only did I have to deal with the loss of a child I had to deal with the fact I would have to go back to the charting and peeing on sticks. I truly understand about being more fertile right after mc. I had my hopes up as well. I ovulated 11 days after my mc and had very high hopes that it would happen. I am now on cycle 6 ovulating every cycle and still nothing. Arggggggg. I also feel something is wrong with me and had to argue with my doc because he wanted me to wait another year before he does any tests, (I got the bfp under the 1 year mark). I told him it took 2 years to con. my daughter and 11 months for the one I lost. I am almost 34 and can't risk waiting another year so he gave me 6 months. I have an appt end of Oct. I am going to request he puts me on chlomid and hope that helps. I understand how you feel. It is so frustrating. In fact, since I go to the doc next month, I sworn off charting and peeing on anything until then. I need to give myself a break from the stress. Lots of luck and I will also wait with you. Fertility friend will only help if you are regular. It is best if you stick to cm, cp charting and opks for validation of ovulation. Lots of baby dust. This will be our month.



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