ttc #3, no problems ttc first two
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marymo - August 5

Hello, im 36 years old,ttc for 2 years with #3. Very frustrating b/c had no problems at all with first two. Husband checked out fine, my cycles are very regular,i ovulate every 28-29 days. practice natural family planning.I go for a hsg next week.very nervous,but hopeful. anyone else out there going through the same experience as me? Im very blessed I have two,I dont want to sound selfish at all, but sometimes I feel like Im the only one having this problem.


SANN - August 5

Hi Mary : ) I'm 37, still ttc#1 after a mc(end last Aug). You're not alone on this, (be it ttc#1,2,3 or 4) ... the frustration on getting a negative month after month just drives me crazy too. Good luck


Saird - August 6

Hi, I also have two, conceived by accident and then first month of trying. Now, i just don't get it. I'm only 27! been off the pill since before xmas. Good luck! It is annoying...


SANN - August 6

Hi Saird, at 27, your body's in tip top condition, really there's nothing should be worry about. I had never been on the pill, don't know much about what it can do to your hormones but my doc said it usually takes 3-6 mths(depending on individuals, some take a longer time some shorter) for hormones to regulate themselves. And sometimes, it's just stress causing our hormones to be off balance. The fact you conceived by accident (no stress from ttc) means you basically don't have any issues with fertility. Have you spoken to doc after going off the pill? Best wishes : )


marymo - August 6

Hi Sann, sorry to hear about your mc. How long have you been ttc? I took a pregnancy test today, I dont even know why I bother. It gets harder and frustrating each month,esp. when all my friends get pregnant at the drop of a hat. Im happy for them, many of them say, "oh, Ill try this month, or Ill try that month, I get pregnant by my husband just looking at me". I hear that all the time. Im sorry , I just had to vent to someone. Best of luck to you.


SANN - August 6

Hi Mary : ) We started trying since Apr04 but nothing happened. In Jan05, we started on Tcm and pg in Jul05. I'm in the same shoes ...every cycle, I go "testing crazy". Couple of my girlfriends seems to get pg so easily easy as turning on a switch and they weren't even trying. However, I have friends in our shoes too and they're a great support. Hey ... don't worry about the venting ... least we can to do is lead a listening ear to women in the same shoes as us. What dpo are you on? I'm on cd27, if I'm right about ov, it's 7dpo cos my temps stayed high from cd21. I'm wishing you tonnes of baby dust. Keep me posted with your test results : ) Take care : )


Janice08 - August 6

Hi Mary, I am TTC ~2 and it is hard!!! I had a little trouble before conceiving my son (11) and I had an ectopic when he was 6 months (accident) but since then no natural pregnancy! I have been through 3 x IVF and have fallen pg 3 times but miscarried each! Have had tests done but all came back positive so where do we go from here?! I, like many women here refuse to give up on my dream of another child and will do almost anything to get it. I did have a possible "blighted ovum" last month which is a good sign I suppose. I was considering buying a fertility monitor as I'v been using ovulation strips which are not the clearest. Have you any experience in these? Anyway good luck to you, you have come to the right place to ask your questions - I have learned so much in the last few months coming to these forums.
Good luck and baby wishes to you.


Janice08 - August 6

Sorry typing error in line 5 "positive" should be "negative" sorry!!


marymo - August 6

Hi Sann and Janice, I always like getting feedback from women who are having the same issues as myself. Ive spent so much money on ovulation kits and pg tests, I someones think I should just commit myself (ha). Its really hard for me b/c Im a pediatric RN in an office, so I see pregnant ladies and newborn ALL THE TIME. I work with pediatricians, so I know my share about newborns and children. I never in my wildest dreams thought that having my third and last child would ever be this hard. My mom and sister, of course, who never had problems themselves, just dont understand either why Im not getting pg. My husband is very supportive, he went through the whole SA testing, and my other two children would love to have a sibling. Im nervous about the hsg test, of course,being a nurse, I always read into it, have either of you had this? Otherwise, I had all my hormone balances checked out, had an ultrasound of my uterus, Im regular, and I ovulate every 14-15 days. Go figure. Thanks for your input.


Janice08 - August 6

Hello Mary, Janice here. Just to say I have not had an HSG but a laparoscopy in which they put the dye through my tubes to see if they were open. I have actually had this twice and was told the first time one tube closed and other open but kinked. Got an operation then fell pg with my son. I did have a later one which showed my tube was still open a few years later (when I was starting IVF). I have read about other women who have had hsg's and there are varying reports about it. Most have said it's not too bad, just a little uncomfortable but it was over quickly and they had no after effects. Hope this helps. Good luck with the test - it's just one step further forward to your next baby!



SANN - August 7

Hi Mary : ) Sorry no experience with hsg. But a 2 of my girlfriends( when doing ivf) had ... they said it wasn't painful or anything just some discomfort. I so glad you ask, both my doctors haven't mentioned doing it after mc and d&c last Aug (but my TCM physician and ob/gynae did mentioned doing hsg before last pregnancy) According to both my doctors, if I was able to conceive once, chances are my tubes are not block. After d&c ... my ob/gynae said everything checked out fine (but I'm starting to doubt it now) Goodness ... didn't cross my mind(my tubes could be blocked) Can an ob/gynae do a check while doing a d&c at the same time? Think .. I'm lost now. Well, I didn't get a chance to do my bloodworks(Fertility Profile 6 & Testosterone) for this cycle but I had my thyroid hormones checked on a follow up after d&c. I'm boarder line hypo(Tsh tested 4.24), my ob/gynae doesn't seem very concern ... she hasn't put on any meds. (I read ... ideal Tsh numbers are between 2.5-3.5) Good luck with test.


marymo - August 16

Hi ladies, I had my HSG done today, It wasnt bad at all, some slight cramping, but it went smoothly. I was so nervous, but Im glad its done. Both my tubes were open and uterus looked great. Now what? Im just beside myself. Everything checks out great, I dont know what to do next, or if I should even do anything at all. Its just so frustrating. My DH is so supportive, I have two beautiful children already, maybe GOD is telling me its just not meant to be for number 3. I guess I will just leave it in HIS hands. Anyway, sorry I sound so depressed, Im happy my tubes are open, but just dont understand why its not happening for me. Baby dust to all of you!



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