ttc #1-everyone around me seems to be pg
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jessi - March 1

Hi everyone! I am new to this forum and looking to make some new friends. I stopped taking my bc at the end of Nov. and DH and I have been ttc since then. I am not sure if I am ovulating every month. I have not skipped a period but they have been irregular, probably because of recently getting off bc. I have had my pre-preg check up and the doc told me to go home and have fun. DH was glad to hear that!!! It is just hard keeping the attitude that "when it happens it happens" when everyone around you has a baby or is preg. Its not that I don't like talking about it, sometimes it just gets hard to because I feel like I am "out of the club"? Anyone else feel this way?


Emma - March 1

Oh I completely understand. It's hard when everyone around you is pregnant or has young children. Especially if you have been trying and trying and nothing happens. I've lost count of everyone who is pregnant or has recently had children, there are so many! It's very hard to hear those words and only be able to dream of the day they come out of your mouth, and seeing their bellies! And the complaints. Morning sickness sounds like heaven to me lol, getting big is a dream and stretch marks well ok I'm not looking forward to those but I wont mind them lol. It's hard to see and hear everyone talking about a pregnancy or newborn that most of the time I exclude myself whenever possible, it doesn't make me feel good but I know seeing them will make me feel worse. I have my first infertility appointment tomorrow and I'm scared but excited so I am hoping to join that club of pregnant women soon. Baby dust.


annette - March 1

hi jessi/emma, I am in the exact same boat as u guys... i have been ttc for 3 years with no success. in the past 2 yers all my school and college friends got babies.. and my best friend had twins on Christmas day! i am happy for them, but it makes me sad that i never had a chance yet. Earlier twards the beginning of my ttc year when i found out thet i was infertile, i thought that it will hppen sometime. but now, even the sight of a pregnant woman, or small children brings tears into my eyes... Maybe i will never conceive.. i have lost all hope


jessi - March 2

Emma-How long have you been ttc? It has only been about five months for DH and I and it seems like forever. What really hit hard was when my best briend called and said that she and her bf were expecting. I was so "floored" that I couldn't speak and then she thought I was mad at her. Totally not true. I couldn't be happier for her, but it is hard to talk to her about it sometimes. I just want a baby so bad. Annette-Don't give up hope. I know a couple that tried for 13 years before they were able to concieve. Have you ever been preg? I also have a friend of mine that had no problems getting preg but would always loose the baby around five months. Her and her DH finally had a healthy baby girl the end of last year. Have you tried any fertility drugs or explored other options to having a baby? Before DH and I got married we talked about what we would do if we couldn't concieve and we are both open to adoption. Baby dust to all!


JessicaG. - March 2

I know how you all feel, Me and DH have been trying for 6 months I am on my second round of Femara, with a HCG shot, I also take Progesterone and me I know....People all around me are pregnant, or already have kids, I know that it will eventually happen, I have PCOS and the chances of getting pregnant with it are very high so we will see. Well let us all know how you are doing, what CD are you all on? What kind of meds if any? How many DPO's? Well good luck ****BABY DUST****


Emma - March 2

Jessi its been 2 years and 2 months. For me the hardest was my new SIL. We had been trying for over a year before they were married and I had told dh that she's going to get pregnant before me, he said no they wont they just got married but I just knew it, and 5 months later bil blurted it out. I had to say congrats, while tears were running down my face. It just about killed me and still does. I wanted to have the first new grand child (dh's sister has 2, 11 and 13) but it didn't happen. I've yet to see her and she's 8 months pregnant but I just cant put myself through that, but I will have to face her sooner or later. I'm excited about today but so scared! I do not know what to expect but know I wont get pregnant without help. Fingers crossed for all of us. Baby Dust.


jessi - March 2

Emma-I know exactly what you mean about wanting the first new grandchild. My cousins and I all grew up very close so we are like siblings. I was the first to get married and the first to want a baby. I was so happy for my cousin and his gf but I wanted to have the first greatgrandchild. It makes it even harder that my grandfather is always asking me am I taking my temp and when is it time to "try". But I have to remember that he is not well and mentally dosen't realize that what he says may be hard for me to hear. The past few days have supposed to have been the fertile ones so keep your fingers crossed! Well, GOOD LUCK today. Keep a positive attitude! Try not to be nervous and focus on the excitement! Let me know what happens. Baby Dust!


Annette - March 2

Hi Jessi, Thanks a lot for ur encouraging words. It is such a relief to know that so many others here share the same feelings. Sometimes it is so overwhelming that u dont know what to do. I have been on fertility drugs for a year now. i have tried clomid, increased the dose, tried IUI, but no baby!. My hormones are all messed up, and on top of it all my husband is angry at me rather that supporting me and helping me cope with this. i know u all would understand how hard this is, and not to have a supporting husband. I am trying to lose some weight to see if that helps. my testosterone levels were high so comid wasnt working. now am on birth control pills for that. lets see where it goes.


Emma - March 3

Everything went good at the doctors. My hormone levels are all perfect but I don't understand why I do not ovulate. He told me to try and lose some weight, I've lost 20 and have 20 to go *sob sob*. He thinks by just losing weight my cycles will regulate and ovulation will take place naturally. He called my insurance company and they do not cover anything so anything we do will be paid out of pocket and I'm just not sure I want to drown ourselves in debt or try to lose the weight and see what happens. It's our decision in the end, and he is happy to help but doesn't want us to start our family broke. Me and DH have decided to wait and see how long my cycle is this time and if I get AF this month I will continue losing weight and see what happens. Just thinking about it frustrates me. We have no great grand children on my side so I am really hoping to be the first, but my sil's belly seems to be screaming "failure" at me, even though I haven't seen it. It's not supposed to be this hard! Our parents warned us to always be careful because 1 accident could result in pregnancy but if you try you just cant get pregnant. Uh huh sure. My fingers and toes are crossed for you! Baby dust.


jessi - March 3

Emma I am so glad that your appt went well. What are you doing to lose the weight? I am going to an all womans health club in the town that I live in and its great. It is like curves and all the women that go are so nice. I have tried to concentrate more on losing the weight rather than getting preg so that I won't stress about it every month. It helps but its not a cure all. I think that you are making a smart decision by not sinking you and your DH into debt right before you have a baby. That would only complicate things more. I know exactly what you are talking about with your SIL's belly screaming at you. I got an invitation in the mail today for yet another baby shower. I know that I should go but I don't want to have to sit through it and listen to all the stories about pregnancy.


Emma - March 3

I'm always getting something from sil, cards for Christmas and thanksgiving, baby shower invites, get together. They all mention her ever growing belly. She just doesn't get it, I DON'T CARE! I know it sounds selfish but I wish she would just stay away from me until her child is 20 lol. Out of everyone she just gets to me so much, maybe because she just got married and we barely know her, I really don't know why but I just cant stand her. Next there will be baby birth announcement, christenings, pregnancy announcement, 1st birthday etc. All well what can I do. Jessi I just exercise at home with videos or on a bike. I watch what I eat and when I first started losing weight I cut out all types of caffeine and the pounds just fell off. Now I'm at a point where I cant lose more then 2 pounds a months, of course I am drinking some caffeine now. I'm hoping that maybe by just losing the weight I can regain normal cycles but I don't see me getting pregnant on my own after all this time. It would be more then fine if it did happen but I'm not counting on it. So I'm losing the weight (verryyy slowlyyy) and saving the money for treatments. I might try herbal remedies also while we are waiting, I'm not sure yet. Baby Dust.


Emma - March 3

Does anyone ever want to scream when someone complains about pregnancy? Someone who knows we have been trying just wouldn't stop complaining and I just wanted to scream shut up! This is the same person who tried for 4 months and says "i thought I was infertile but we stopped trying and it happened, you should try it," why do people not understand that some people can only get pregnant when actually trying? Uh sorry a little venting.


Dee - March 4

hi all! my hubby and i have been trying for over 2 yrs and ALL of our friends are now starting to get pg with their SECOND child...where the hell is my first one hiding?!? it's just not fair...i mean it's bad enough i had to watch everyone go through their first pregnancies, but now i have to witness their second pregnancies and i still dont have 1!!! it just makes me so angry. and then they (the 4 that are pg again) sit there and complain together right in front of me about how they "hate being pg" and they "just got done changing diapers" and they "dont want to go through it again" and they "hate morning sickness" and on and on and on they went. and all of them know i'm having trouble...i just wanted to go slap the sh*t out of each of them and tell them they should be more grateful that they are pg and that their children are healthy! i'm sorry-i'm not usually this mean, but i've just had it. i mean i would literally give my right leg just to have a baby right now and they complain about it like getting pg (again) is the worst thing that could ever happen to them. then there's a girl on one of the posts in this forum and she tried for a while to get pg and all she does is complain about her weight gain and stretch marks-you'd think she'd be a little more appreciative about what she has considering she had to try for a while. i just dont understand...i would give ANYTHING to be able to feel a baby kicking me in my ribs in the middle of the night or to not be able to breath from talking to much because my little stow-away is taking up lots of room. i even swore to my dh that i wont complain, i might be moody, but i definitely wont complain. he said we'll see, but i really cant wait for my first bout of morning sickness or my first contraction. well just thought i'd vent a little on the subject...hope you ladies dont mind.


Emma - March 4

Dam your comment doesn't even deserve a response but I'll give you one anyway. These are our feelings, we need to express them some where and luckily we don't take it out on the people who frustrate or anger us. We need an outlet. Most of us eat,sleep,and dream pregnancy and its tiring and painful but thankfully there are people we can talk to about what we are going through. Anyway has anyone been on signs of pregnancy? There is this women Cheri who predicts pregnancy stuff and I asked her and she said April and a girl. I know its probably wrong but its nice hearing it lol. We should make a "Hurry up and wait" club, that's how a friend of mine puts it. Baby dust.


Dee - March 6

Emma, thank you for sticking up for me and understanding. i was not trying to be mean...i was just very frustrated and needed to let it out. so where is the signs of pregnancy forum you were talking about? it is nice just to hear that someone thinks you will get pg, especially if you've been trying for a long time. i've had 2 people in the last couple of weeks tell me they think this is my year and it does feel good just to hear it even if it doesn't happen. hopefully she is right though...that would be very cool. i like the idea of the "hurry up and wait" club...that definitely sounds like what i'm doing every month! :o) lol again thank you for understanding. *baby dust*


Emma - March 7

Dee we are supposed to stick up for one another, that's what its all about. Heres the link to signs of pregnancy
Tell me if that works. Yeah its nice hearing that I could be pregnant soon, even if its not true it still gives me hope right now. Hurry up and wait is my life lol. Baby dust.


jessi - March 7

Hey gals! I haven't written in a few days, DH and I have been super busy. Dee- There is nothing wrong with venting every once in a while. We are all going through the same thing and we need to support each other. Dam- Why would you say such a thing? We are all just getting our feelings out there for others to know that they are not alone. Its healthy for the human body and mind to vent frustration every once in a while. That was very rude of you to say. Emma- Missed the baby shower that I was supposed to go to. I just couldn't make myself go. I will send her something though. How's everything going with the weight loss? A friend of mine only weighs and measures at the beginning of every month. She says that that way she feels like she is getting some where. DH and I went to the expectant cousins house this weekend. There is baby stuff every where!!!!! What is a girl to do, HUH? BABY DUST!!!



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