ttc #1-everyone around me seems to be pg
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jessi - March 7

Hey gals! I haven't written in a few days, DH and I have been super busy. Dee- There is nothing wrong with venting every once in a while. We are all going through the same thing and we need to support each other. Dam- Why would you say such a thing? We are all just getting our feelings out there for others to know that they are not alone. Its healthy for the human body and mind to vent frustration every once in a while. That was very rude of you to say. Emma- Missed the baby shower that I was supposed to go to. I just couldn't make myself go. I will send her something though. How's everything going with the weight loss? A friend of mine only weighs and measures at the beginning of every month. She says that that way she feels like she is getting some where. DH and I went to the expectant cousins house this weekend. There is baby stuff every where!!!!! What is a girl to do, HUH? BABY DUST!!!


jessi - March 7

OH! Looked at Wal-Mart the other night for a BBT and could not find one. Where do I get one?


Emma - March 7

Jessi you can go to cvs or a drug store to get bbt. I'm doing OK on the weight loss but totally pigged out this weekend hehe. Sil's baby shower is the 10th and I already declined, I know it hurt their feelings but I have to worry about myself right now. And yes I'm jealous of pregnant women because I cant get pregnant. Not ashamed to admit it. Have a good day all. Baby dust.


Helene - March 7

Emma- I usually post on another site but I was reading trough this one and I saw the "other you" posting under your name. We had some problems with malicious people posting on the other threads, some were outright harassment. You can report them to the site administrators and have their posts deleted and their access restricted so you don't have to be subjected to insults. ALso, log on each time now that you have registered so people will know it is really you and not the imposter. This helped on our thread (now you can't log on over there unless you are registered). And I doubt this person is a pregnant woman anymore than I think the one who was harassing my friends on our thread was. It is probably just someone with a borderline personality or a rather disturbed individual who has a very lonely and pathetic life if (s)he takes joy in exploiting other people's pain. Good luck getting rid of the creep. And good luck TTC to all (I know how it feels!).And for the record, Dee, I don't think you have to apologize to anyone for venting. Your friends should have enough sense to save their b**ching about their pregnancies for when you are not there. They are certainly entitled to vent about their discomfort, but it is really rude to do it in front of you knowing you are trying so hard to be that uncomfortable one day. And Jessi - I didn't go to my nieces' 1st birthday party which was two weeks after my m/c because I just didn't feel up to it. I told my sister that if it had been just the family, I would have, but it was a big shindig with all these friends and her in-laws and my hormones were still all whacked, so I just couldn't handle the idea of smiling all day and being social. It was my first p/g and we've been trying ever since, so I understand the waiting game/pain. Anyway, not to butt into your thread, but you seem like a nice bunch of ladies and I can't stand when I see jerks like that harass peopel on this site. Take care.


Dee - March 8

hey ladies! how's everyone doing today? good i hope. well i went through and submitted all of the rude posts that person was writing, so hopefully they will be taken off of here and we can write to eachother w/o being so rudely interrupted again. so hopefully it will stop now. thank you Helene (by the way i love that name=) i appreciate your kind words. that's exactly how i felt about the situation which was why i was so upset over it...i just wish i could make people understand the pain it causes. Jessi, i bought my basal body thermometer at Wal Greens for $10 and i think they carry them at CVS too. you might want to buy an extra battery though, cause when i got mine the battery died the 4th time i used it and ended up having to wait until my next cycle to chart. i know what you mean about not wanting to go to baby friends' was this last weekend and i was not going to go, but decided at the last minute i would. Emma, hopefully now that you have registered you wont have to many more problems. maybe if we just ignore the person they will find something else to do with all of the time they apparently have on their hands. so you are trying to lose weight right now? how is that going? i need to get my butt to the gym pretty New Year's resolution was to get in shape and i've been doing the exact opposite of that since January 1st. lol alright, well i have to get back to work now so i will talk to you all later. ~baby dust


Emma1 - March 8

How are you guys doing? Dee yes I'm trying to lose weight but it doesn't seem to be working lol. I am exercising my butt off and nothing, I cut down my food intake by 1/3 and still nothing! So frustrating. I have atleast 13lbs to go, 20 to be somewhat happy and its going to take forever at this rate. All well. How's everyone else doing with their weight? Sorry about those posts before, I don't know what I did to make someone mad but hope she's gone now. Jessi your going to start bbt? I tried but my cycles were so long I got tired of it and finally stopped when my 2nd battery died. Dee is right you should get at least 2 batteries because for some reason they die quickly. Just waiting for af, we will be starting clomid this coming up cycle so I'm a little nervous but hopeful. Oh thanks Helene, I finally got the hint to register after a couple childish posts. I don't understand some people. All well. Hope you guys are good. Baby dust.


kare21162 - March 8

Hello ladies, I'm new to this post. I haven't been TTC for a long time, but my DH and I have had unprotected sex for 2 years now and no pregnancy. Even though we weren't trying, I'm surprised I haven't gotten pregnant. Although I did go to the bathroom afterward and I didn't lay there. So I believe that I might have a slight fertility issue. Anyways, to get to the subject of this forum. I work at Wal-Mart, lol. And it seems like every woman that I work with is pregnant or just had a baby. My friend got pregnant on birth control for crying out loud. I recently got the newspaper from my hometown and they had a special section on babies born in 2005 for that county. I believe that I saw at least 6 people that I knew that had a baby last year. I really only have one friend in the town that I live in and she was the one that got preggo on birth control. So I see her a once or twice a week with her 8 mo. little girl. Sometimes I just can't stand to watch her and the baby together because she's always kissing her or tickling her or something like that and it makes me sad that I'm not able to do that. I really can't say that I'm not able to do that because I haven't been to the doctor or anything for this. I'm only 22. A little early to get pregnant, but life's short and your chances get smaller as the years go by and considering I have had unprotected sex for 2 years and no pregnancy, calls for some concern. This month we actually tried with the OPK's and I might be going on my 5th day of a positive OPK. But the first day that I tested it was positive, so I don't know how many more positives were before that. Hopes, Giggles, and Babydust!!!!!!!!


Dee - March 8

goodmorning ladies! i'm glad to see those posts were removed finally. Emma~i know what you mean about it taking so long for the weight to come off. about 4 yrs ago i weighed 213lbs and when i first started working out some of the weight came off really fast then it seemed to slow down and i'd only lose like 1-1 1/2 lbs a week (which is still good, but i wanted to lose it faster than that)lol. it took me about 5months to lose it all (total of 70lbs). after the last holidays it has started to pack back on again, so i need to start working out again so i dont gain to much more. you dont have to appologize for those's not like you forced the person to write them. plus i dont think anything that you had said was rude at all. Kare~hello. I am also 22 and my dh and i have not been using any protection for over 2 yrs, but have only really started trying in the last year. what brand of opk did you buy? i've used the cheapy store brands, but i really want to get a clear blue easy monitor but they are very expensive (about $200). i just started charting my temps and i check my cm and i'm taking prenatals right now. have you been in to see a doctor yet? if you haven't yet, you should get your husbands sperm count checked first (it's easier and it will rule out a problem in your dh) before you go on to get more invasive procedures done. the stuff we have to go through is a lot harder and sometimes painful, so having him give a sperm sample will be easy and a good place to start. well good luck and i'll talk to you all later.


jessi - March 9

Hello Ladies! Hows the crew? Hope all is well with everyone. I am so glad that those rude post were removed! I just don't understand why someone would want to be so RUDE!!! Helene-So glad you joined us. I am feeling guilty about not going to the baby shower but I couldn' t put myself through it. I just wish that they all understood why. I work with her sister and the first thing she asked me Monday at work was "Where were you yesterday?" Dee- Thanks for the tip on the bbt. Hoping that it helps! Did you regret going to the shower? (Hope that dosen't sound horrible.) I know what you mean about the New Years Res. thing. I am supposed to go to the gym at least three times/week. It is hard to get motivated to go. I am just really trying to focus on losing the weight so that I can be more healthy. Hopefully that will help in the ttc department too! Emma- The weight loss is easier at first for almost everyone. Then it seems like you get to a point where you aren't getting anywhere. I have always heard that once you get over that midloss hump that everything gets easier! Keep trying! And remember that the healthier you are before you get prego the better for you and the baby! (Thats what I keep reminding myself!) Don't feel like you have to appoligize(SP?) for venting! We are all venting and we need each others support! Thats what we are here for! I am worried that I won't stick to the bbt either because my cycles are so unpredictable now a days! Hoping that I can. Good Luck with the Clomid! Kare- Welcome! Try not to stress to much about being infertile. A friend of mine was off her pills for almost two years and didn't get prego until just recently. They weren't ttc and she was suprised that she hadn't had any "scares" in the length of time that she had not been on bc. Be sure to go to the doc for your pre-prego check-up. That way you can get on any vitamins you need to take and get established with someone so that they know whats going on. Good Luck! OH!!! Ladies, when should I start charting my bbt? Don't know much about it except that you should take it at the same time everyday and it rises when you ovulate. Any advice is helpful! ***BABY DUST***


kare21162 - March 9

Dee ~ I bought Answer ovualtion tests. This is the fifth day of testing and it still is positive. No I have never been to the doctor for any kind of female thing. I know, shame on me. I just feel very uncomfortable going to the doctor, because I'm so young and wanting to get pregnant. I shouldn't say my DH I should call him my fiance, but basically he is going to be my DH, lol. At Walgreens they have an at home male fertility test and my fiance told me that if we didn't get pregnant this month with my OPK's and my supplements that I've been taking, then we would go ahead and get the test which is like $30. Jessi ~ I have never been on bc and that's the problem. No condoms either. I know that I need to get a pre-pregnancy check-up but I'm a little frightened at what might be wrong or maybe I'll be fine. I am taking Evening Primrose Oil and will be taking Flax Seed Oil and I do take Pre-Natals. You should start charting your BBT the first day of your menstral period or the second because sometimes you don't know. Yeah your temp rises, but it will probably only rise a 0.4 degrees. That's why the BBT can't really be relied on for the first month, because there's no pattern to go by yet. After like 3 months of charting (I know a long time) then you can probably see a pattern. I can't do BBT, because my work schedule isn't set. So sometimes I don't get up at the same time everyday. I hope that helps. Hopes, Babydust, and Giggles!!!!!


kare21162 - March 9

Oh and also, is it normal to have 5 days of positive OPK's, or can it be that maybe I could be preggo???? Somebody once told me that sometimes the OPK's can predict pregnancy, is this true???


Emma1 - March 9

Hi all. Jessi don't feel bad about not attending the baby shower. Sometimes you have to think about your feelings first even if that means hurting someone else's in the process. I am trying to concentrate on my weight loss more but every time I turn around ttc pops right back into my mind. I haven't lost a pound in 2 weeks! It's making me mad! All well I'm trying as hard as I can. Thanks for the good luck with clomid, I feel good about it and at least starting this wont take all our savings. Kare welcome! I don't think 5 days of + opks is normal. Pick up a hpt and see what that says. If its negative then I would go see the gyno and see what's going on. Me and dh haven't used protection since we have been married. We weren't trying but if it happened we were ready and would be happy. So that makes 4 years or so of unprotected. So far nothing but hoping it will be soon. Stay positive, hehe I'm bad at being positive. I always think "what if it doesn't happen, what if I never feel my baby kick me in the ribs" haha but I am trying. Anyway hope everyone's good. Baby dust.


Helene - March 12

Hi, ladies! Kare - there is a good website that talks about opk's are pregnancy indicators - it is Check it out. Also, I use the 20 day answer strips, too. I have read that getting lots of positives with the opk's throughout the month can be a sign of PCOS< but don't jump to any conclusions as this is the only time you have gotten that. Your hormones could just be being funny or something. Are you sure they are all positives, and not just a fade in line? ALso, have you been to the ob/gyn to talk about TTC? It would be a good idea just so the doc so (s)he can give you some advice and do any preliminary test needed. You say you always went to the bathroom after sex so I am guessing you had frequent UTI's. Me, too. Until we started TTC, I always did that because I had a such a lovely history of infections. The good news is that I haven't had any since I stopped doing that, but that doesn't mean it won't happen. Have any of you ladies ever been p/g before? Or is this the first try for all of us? I had a ,/c back in September, which was my first p/g, but haven't had any luck in the past five months. My a/f is due 3/20,and I am expecting it to come as we didn't have such a good bd month. If nothing hapens next month, I am going back o the dr to have some blood drawn and See if I need to see a specialist. Jessi- I wouldn't worry about not going ot the shower. The peopel there who know your situation understand. And Kare, yeah, it seems sometimes like everyone is p/g. I teach, and last year was a baby boom, and I couldn't wait to get started (I wanted to get tenure first and then tried to time it so that I could maximize my maternity leave). I got p/g in August, and started the school year with a friend at work who was due a week later. I m/c at 7 wks, and it seems like ever since I am surrounded by teachers coming back form maternity leave or about to pop (spring is a big time for teachers because if you time it right, you can add the summer on to your time off). Pus, the damned celebrities keep procreating like rabbits, LOL! And they all seem to be like, woops! I wasn't even trying! Then you read about a bimbo such as Brittney Spears who doesn't have the sense to put her child in a baby seat, and you think, wow, there is no rhyme or reason to all this! Emma - Jessi is right. You only have about a 20% chance each month of getting pregnant, so it is almost a miracle that it hapens to begin with. How old are you? I only ask because if you are under 35, I wouldn't stress over it. I am 37 (nearly 38) so i do sometimes stress over it, but not too much. Jessi - Check our the book "taking Charge of your Fertility" by Toni Wechsler. There is also a website for it. It s all about FAM which is the whole charting BBT process. Lots of info.


Helene - March 12

Wow.Sorry that was so long!


to Kare.. - March 12

with all those pos. opks in a row, you might have PCOS. YOu might want to see a doctor if that continues. Good luck.


kare21162 - March 13

Helene ~ I didn't go to the bathroom after sex, because I always got UTI's. I just went to the bathroom because we weren't "trying" to have a child. I'm not 100% sure if they were positive OPK's all that time. To me they looked like they were. I lost the instruction paper and I couldn't remember where the test line was and where the reference line was. So maybe I got them mixed up or something. I haven't been to the doctor for anything. I know that I need to, but I am afraid of what they will say and if they will tell me that I'm too young and things like that and I really don't feel like being lectured about my age and having a baby. I got enough of that from my parents when I was younger, lol.



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