trying to get pregnant.
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Ant - June 8

Me n my girl are trying to have a baby we have tried for almost 4 months now and nothing yet n we really wana have a baby. So i would like anyone's advice on what other things 2 do 2 get her pregnant.


nancy - June 8

you should know if she has a regular cycle, when she ovulates and if her CM turns eggwhite, that is the best time to make love and probably be pregnant, 4 months is not that long for TTC, i'm also TTC for more than one keep on trying...


carrie - June 8

i agree with nancy. You need to pinpoint her ovulation time and do the babydance everyday for the 5 days before she ovulates. I have been ttc for over 6 months now so keep on trying and don't give up.


Nicole - June 8

well first of all dont fret. seriously!!!!! I mean me and my husband have tried for 3 years now. He has a daughter with his ex wife that seemed as if he just rolled over and boom she was prego it took her 6 months and they werent even trying and she was told she couldnt get pregnant but they did she is nasty and a bit.. but they had a beautiful baby and we are going for custody of her so yeahhhhhhhhhh. But you can imagine how hard that is on me knowing he is fertile and I am not. Just until 3 months ago I was giving up but I missed my period and have yet to have my period last one march 1st. and i have had blood tests and pee tests all negative well pee test ame up a slight positive but that was a month in a half ago and the doctor just thought well if you are you will miscarriage so he told me to wait 6 weeks and he wants me to be tested for hormone levels and everything and so it is a miracle that if there is something wrong they can fix it up and get me on hormones cause I am a latrger woman and its not cause i eat bad and have other issues the doc really thinks it is hormonal as to why i cant get pregnant. I am 21 so my age is good for one but my hubby is 30 and it would be awsome to finally have our chil;d because we have everything for this baby even a doctor. So 4 months is chump change if it is 3 + years go tot a fertility doctor and get married first and finish whatever you need to do go to school get that job have your money and then go for it. Sounds like it is just not the right time. I mean it took my mom 5 years to get prego with my brother and then 5 years after that to get me so it takes time and i might even find out nopthing is wrong i am healthy my hormones are off but we can get you some pills start you on a diert and you will concieve in no time but 3 years is a long time. So just hang in there and keep having fun and try new positions and places and outfits food that sounds nuts but the more fun and the more active the better the chance to have a baby and as for foods it is a big deal really have spicy foods. so here is a good plan.
get when she is ovulating by a test and all that the day before and the day of eat mexican and have a margarita or some alchy that does help I dont know why buit all my friends all 10 of them all got pregnant the night they drank so hahahah. then have a fun sex night like i said about all that and just have fun. when you are about to climax remember this I read this in a getting pregnant naturally book. If you are having sex missionary when you do the finishing touch she cant orgasm is is harder for the sperm to glide through the mucus and the famale cum aacts as a net and catches and destroys your sperm if you do it doggy style she can cum and actrually that is the best way because it helps the sperm shoot straight in to the cervix and if she has troubles holding in the sperm meaning if she just gushes the cum out right after sex that means she cant hold sperm so you will have to hold her butt and legs in the air so it just falss back into the cervix. This sounds nutz but i have been trying for 3 years with 2 miscarriages. This does work I havre given a lot of advice to woman trying and they get prego immedialty so try all of that and for the girl drink some cough syrup and for you a cold soak for your guys downstairs right before sex and a week before she ovulates wear boxers or nothing at all and make sure you have sex every other day that way you can never mis her ovulating and it is good for you to release sperm a lot of people think hold in the sperm and when you ovulate boom because you actually need to work out that area by haviung sex and releasing so i hope that helps wish me luck i have my appt with my doc on the 14th i am pumped!!!! K baby dust and good tim,es have fun it should be great and justy have as lot of fun that is so important. Bye for now.


rachael - June 9

i am trying to get pregnant i have been trying for one year but i came off the depo injection last june my periods returned in january,i really want a baby girl and so does my partner we still both live with parents but it would be no problem having our own place.i am jus getting tired every month my period comes late so i do a test and then i come on my period hmmmm.i am on day 2 of my cycle today and just wish it would hurry up



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