Too much clomid?
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Amysince70 - November 28

Ok, friends. Got my official BFN today and I have picked up the shatter pieces of my shattered month and moved on. :)
We have been trying for 19 months now and we found out about 3 months ago it was make factor....He's not infertile but everything is low. That being said, last month they had me on clomid for the first time with hopes that me producing more eggs would give his little swimmers more targets. But, and I know this sounds weird...I swear.....I felt like nothing was happening when I was on clomid. I had no EWCM (and I usually do), got a yeast infection (sorry TMI) and I have to honestly say that I never really felt that fertile. I even had a trigger shot but even after that I wasn't feeling it. Is it possible that the clomid could have slowed my ovulation? messed it up? Over-ripened my precious fruit? I need answers. Just kidding....I'm just trying to laugh at this point! I'm also trying to decide what to do this month before we go into IVF which I can't do until after the holidays due to the hours of my over-priced, yet under-staffed fertility clinic. Thinking of my 3rd and final IUI.....I'm deciding whether or not to use the clomid? Any ideas?


kiza - November 28

Hey Amy,sorry to hear of all your troubles. Clomid is known for drying up CM. They usually recommend you take robitussin or mucinex depending what part of the world you are in. The main ingredient you are looking for is Guaiffessin ( sp) you need to take 600mg daily, usually two teaspoons 3x day, also evening primrose oil taken daily before O is supposed to help with CM aswell. I have conceived twice on clomid before both at 50mg cd5-9. My first time I had boy/girl twins, don't lose hope yet, hopefully I have been of some help. Take care and goodluck.


Amysince70 - November 28

Wow...Thanks! Is the primrose oil something I look for in pill form?


Tracy88 - November 28

When they do the IUI at your clinic are the sperm "washed"? For someone with low numbers that's important. Also, do you have an ultrasound mid-cycle to see if your lining is thick enough? Even if his little guys make it to your eggs, if the lining is not thick enough nothing can implant in a thin one.


kiza - November 29

Hey Amy, yes the EPO is in pill form, I usually take 2000mg a day. My tabs are 1000mg each. Goodluck


emaan - November 29

Hey Amy what i know that EPO makes it easier for sperm to travel ...try it hopefully it will work for you...but you have to take it certain time of the month like the first day of period until week after your period ...better to get full info about it....good luck


Amysince70 - November 29

Hey thanks for the tips everyone! I'm thinking of only taking 50 of clomid this month instead of the 100. I ovulate on my own without it. Yes, I have had my ultrasound and my lining was actuall 12mm...I belive they used the word "lush". ha ha And yes, the sperm were washed.....But the remaining soldiers lost the battle....But they're determined to win the war!!! Thanks guys!



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