Tom and Katie expecting a baby
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News - October 6

Let the couch-jumping begin: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are expecting a baby.

Holmes' pregnancy was reported today by People magazine.


T - October 6

Oh great! Just what the new/infatuation couplel need!


homie - October 6

Must be tough news for Nicole Kidman..She still single/getting old and no child..


tanya - October 6

aaaah, doesn't he have like zilch sperm count which is why him and nicole decided to adopt?????


Michelle - October 6

I guess the teenaged girlfriend didn't make him feel enough like a man. I wouldn't be surprised if he had her inseminated with someone else's swimmers to prove his virility. Hope she doesn't have postpartum depression; he'll tell her to exercise and take a vitamin!


A Shame - October 6

It would really be a shame if a baby would come as a result of a publicity stunt done for an aging actor. On that chance that the love is true, it is bad enough that they flaunt their love, something the rest of us could hardly come up for air to share with our friends and families, with the entire world. To drag another baby through "married for the moment" hollywood is pathetic.


k - October 6

it's sickening.


Susan - October 6

I was hoping she would get away from that freak. now I guess she's tied to him for life. LOL about Michelle's comment, Hope she doesn't have postpartum depression; he'll tell her to exercise and take a vitamin!


J - October 6

Maybe it's just me, but I was really upset when I heard this news this morning. I mean what they've known each other for like 6 months and now they're expecting...I guess I have a case of the woes mes..but how is that fair? We have all been ttc for soooo long and these two get pregnant??? It just doesn't seem right.


Ya - October 7

It's hard when we are all ttc and hearing all these celebs's baby news. We'll just keep trying. Baby dust.


Rowan - October 7

It is so nauseating knowing that all those rich hollywood types can just think about a baby and BOOM, they are pregnant. I hate it all!


a bit of levity - October 7

You never know, myabe she was impregnated by those aliens Tom worships so much! It may in fact be a galactic conception!


quite unfortunate - October 7

most likely, their situation will end the same way as him and nicole's did. divorced and juggling the child back and forth between homes with no stability. there will be mommy/daddy's new borfriend/girlfriend in that poor little child's life every month. 20 years from now, he/she will do hollywood true story and tell how their broken home drove them to become an alchoholic, do drugs, and be promiscuous(wrong spelling i think). just be thankful ladies that we all have a good head on our shoulders and want a child for the right reasons-not publicity.


Mega - October 7

Levity--that cracks me up! Aliens. Galatic conception. Too funny!!!


d - October 7

I bet Dawson will be heart broken once again.. lol.. i just had to say it


christine - October 8

I think is great for tomcat to have a baby, but trump and melanie pisses me off, why should they have everything all that money, they can afford to deal with infertility not us, i wish i could wipe that smirk off trump's face


d - October 8

are they pregnant? donald and her?



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