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Lucky717 - August 23

Regardless of where you are on your journey to motherhood or whatever thread you are posting to know that you are all strong and amazing women. All of us are looking for answers and it's so comforting to have this site as a resource. Stay strong and when you're not know that there is a whole community here who is waiting to help you along the path to becoming a mom.

I've read several threads and had to stop and post this to everyone who uses this site. God bless you all and all the baby dust in the world to you!!!!


skeeter - August 23

This is the most remarkable thing that I've read on here. It made me cry! Lucky717, you are truly an angel. Thank you.....I truly needed this. You are in my prayers!!!


Tracy88 - August 23

You are just as amazing as any one of us. Posting this shows your true nature. Thanks for the compliment and press on sister.


Mega - August 23

What a very kind thing to post. I agree with skeeter & Tracy, you are amazing too. And Tracy's right, this does show your kind nature. Thanks! All the baby dust in world to you as well!!


Saird - August 23

Thanks, that's all. Just thanks


linds99 - August 23

That is really put to words exactly what I was thinking. I couldn't agree with you more. This TTC problem is so overwhelming at times, and is coupled with the fact that many of us do not have people we can turn to around us that are going through this at the same time. So this forum is so comforting, especially to know that there are other nice and genuine women out there-who deserve to be mothers-but are having issues and are able to share their issues freely with others without being judged.


mattiewinrow - August 23

God bless you for those words. Personally, I am greatly touched by your kind words. May your dreams come through too!!!


mommy2josh - August 23

Lucky, that was so sweet of you to say. This site has been the glue that held me together for the past 5-6 months. Dont know what I would have done without these ladies. Where are you in your journey to conceive?


Lucky717 - August 23

Hi Ladies! I honestly mean every word of it. All of us are from different areas of the world with different backgrounds but there is one thing that unites us all and that it our never ending desire to be a mother. I know all of us never dreamed of being in the situation that we are in but we must hold on to our dreams.

mommy2josh - I am 32 and my DH is 33. We started trying 5 months ago and I found out I am not Oing. So to the drugstore for Clomid I went. =) I am on my first round of it and it's been a roller coaster. I am on cd15 today. I go this Monday for my bloodwork to see if my progesterone levels are higher. My fingers are crossed.



mommy2josh - August 23

Lucky, I completed my 5th round of clomid. On my second round of Clomid 50mg I got my BFP, but started a miscarriage that same night. It was 4 months before I got a normal AF. The next 2 rounds of Clomid 50mg I did not O. I am now on cd18 (Clomid 100mg on days 3-7) and I did not O this cycle either. Clomid was horrible for me this cycle and I have made a decision that this will be my last try with the drug. I suspect that I have PCOS, I have all the classic symptoms. Being severely overweight being one of them. I intend to start a strict diet and exersie regimine after AF. By the way, I am 29 dh is 43 and we are ttc #2, our son Joshua is 4 1/2. I found an awesome group of girls who make this everyday struggle tolerable. Please stop by and say hello on TTC in August through friendship and support part 3. Hugs and I hope Clomid is your miracle drug.


NB - August 24

What great things to say, and I agree, all the women on here have been nothing but supportive and helpful throughout my journey, and I appreciate every one of them. I am from the same thread as MOMMY2JOSH, and I agree, stop by anytime. You won't find a better group of women. :)


Lucky717 - August 24

Hi Ladies!
I am on cd 16 and having cramps. More on the left side then the right. Not sure what this means. I should be Oing this week. Anyone else had cramps? Lower back is bothering me too. I am not due for AF til 9/8. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!



hopeful-for-one - August 24

Thanks for all your wonderful thoughts & right back to you! It is nice to know that there are more of us out there that need all the support we can get. ~j~


Lucky717 - August 26




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