Titled Cervix & trying to get pregnant
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pinky - February 15

I have titled cervix and trying from last five months. I m 26 years & my husband is 32. My cycle length is 31-37 and it starts spotting from 12 days after i get positive LH test. I have done my hormonal test which looks o.k. So far we tried "dogy" position and stay for 1 hour and than using i sleep overnight with pillow. In all last 5 months we did on right time but no result. Any body can help me Please...


DNK - February 15

Hi! I'm 22 and I also have a tilted uterus and my cycles are usually 28-29 days and my dh and I have been trying for over 2 yrs. Everything that you said you're doing is perfect for baby-making. Are you sure there are no other factors such as your dh having a low sperm count? Have you talked to your Dr. about the fact that you spot from day 12 on? That could be a major reason as to why you're not getting pg because if you're shedding your lining that early then a fertilized egg might have difficulty implanting. Definitely talk to your ob/gyn about the fact that you're spotting that early on because maybe there's something you can take to stop this from happening. I hope this helps you a little. Good luck!!


Cendy - February 16

Pinky, I too have a tilted cervix. When I had my HSG to see if my tubes were blocked they had to prop me up on towels just to be able to get to my cervix. Both of my boys were conceived with the doggy position, but we just conceived In December after 15 months of trying by the missionary position. I was proped up on pillows and my husband put his hand under the small of my back so that is was arched. We had not done that before. I also used the Instead Softcups. They are normally used for your AF to collect the blood flow, but you can also put them in right after BD to keep the spermies close to the cervix. They look like a diaphram and can stay in place for up to 12 hours. I would wear it all night and then the next afternoon remove it. That way depending on when I Oed, there was sperm in the right area to better conceive. We also used Evening Primrose oil, which helps with your CM. I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, I may have answers. Good luck to you. BABY DUST!!!


pinky - February 16

Cendy & DNK, Thanks for your reply. Cendy you wrote " I was proped up on pillows and my husband put his hand under the small of my back so that is was arched. " What is that mean? He insert finger near to the cervix? Actually I am planing to that this month. I am checking my CM and cervix that way. This month I will try at which position I am getting straight cervix opening. We are planing for my DH sperm count this month. Lets hope for the best.


DNK - February 16

hi pinky! i think what Cendy was trying to say is that while her and her hubby are having sex they are doing it the missionary position and her hubby puts his hand on the small of her back to help elevate the bottom half of her body. Good luck Pinky and i hope you get a bfp next month! Cendy, that was a great idea to use the Softcup. also CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy!! i hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.


Pinky - February 16

Thanks DNK. I was thinking about your reply as well. You wrote that because I am spotting from day 12 is not enough for implantation. But I have read that implantation occurs from day 6-12 after ovulation So, It should be O.K. Well this process is not that simple as I have thought before. I m married from 5 years and never tried to choose perfact time. I think that's why now suffering. I m on Day 6 today. Lets see.


Cendy - February 17

Thanks DNK that is what I was trying to say. I guess it just did not come out the right way. I wish you much luck Pinky. I hope to see news of your BFP soon! BABY DUST!


pinky - February 22

Hey I observed Egg White Mucus yesterday. I tested OPK yesterday and today. Both comes out negative. So far we did BD on yesterday and day before that. I m on day 12 today. usually my cycle range is 31-37 in last 6 months but I never had Egg Mucus on day 11. I observed it earliest on day 14. I think my cycle is short this month. Also from yesterday night to morning I had badly headack. I took tylenol and now i m feeling well. Any body can have idea when I will ovulate? Is tylenol can disterb my ovulation? Should we do BD today also (wondering for sperm count!!..)? My cervix feels open from last 2 days.


Pinky - February 22

Also My LH Phase seems not to be 14 days in last two months. It's about 15-16 days.



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