tired of sex
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amapolitamomma - March 2

I don't really have a question, I guess. How many of you women are just soooooo tired of having mechanical, productive sex! I don't know if I can handle another month of it. Aaaaah!


babyloves2play - March 2

I feel the same way. My husband and I have been having sex since last Tuesday to try to hit my ovulation which began yesterday. My husband was so tired last night that he couldn't keep an erection which made me feel like an unattractive failure. I hate this. I just want to cry. I took clomid 100mg for a week which was emotional hell and when I finally start ovulating my husband can't get in the mood. Not to mention the fact that I want to take a break from sex for a week. This is emotionally draining. Anyone else ever feel like this?


wannabemommy - March 2

yeh even i am dealing with same problem.the days when my hubby was in mood ,i wasnt nearby by ovulation i stopped him and then when we r near by O he has lot of work at office& he is so tired and we didnt enjoy it... it been long11 mths ...i have high prolactin level & i am on med....


mrose - March 2

I don't really have the same problem...just thought maybe some advice? Don't know if it will help or not, but my dh told me when we began the ttc that he did not want me to tell him when I was ovulating, for me to just get him in the mood.....the easiest way for me to do this is to start with a massage, that always leads to the right mood. Maybe you ladies could try that, don't let him know when you are, just kinda let it happen.....it makes it much more pleasurable for both of you. He can enjoy himself, and you can rest assured that you are bd on the right days....baby dust to everyone :-)


Dee - March 2

i'm tired of the robot sex too!! my dh and i have been trying for our first for 2 yrs with no luck at all. i have the same issue as wannabemommy, everytime i O and want to do the baby dance my dh is not around, not in the mood or just to tired. then when it's time for fun sex i'm usually ticked off and not in the mood because we missed another month...what a vicious cycle!! and then i o'd this past tuesday and i ended up getting food poisoning that day and couldn't bed with dh at all...i swear the forces of nature are against me right now. has anyone else ever noticed things that happen like that, where everytime you try to bed when you know you're ovulating and everything seems to go wrong-like as if something is trying to stop you from getting pg?? i swear that has happened to me for the last 2 months now...i really feel like i'm fighting a losing battle lately.


Pinky - March 2

That's really true. We have same situation. Even we makes joks so many times. Initially when he was refusing I was getting sooooo mad and than after even he comes I won't let it. But now i m use to it. In last 2 months I was avoiding till I got + opk but now I am feeling that it's not good idea. I am trying from 5 months and this will be 6th. I have been charting from 4 months. So,this time I decided to go with cervical mucus fertility. We starts to BD every other day from day 8 when I saw lotion like mucus. Than we did continue when I saw Egg white. I obseved it 3 days. On the third day I got + OPK. than We did BD constantly for 3 more days. I think other days we can avoid it. My DH is really very tired of this. He is wishing for baby more to get rid of this procedure rather than to see our Combo!!...I wish u all to have baby soon....goog luck


for pinky & others - March 2

Here's what we do: I was told to bd every other night around ovulation starting day 10 if you are on a normal cycle. If you are not then gear it around the way you do. You bd cd 10, 12, 14 & 16, 18 until you want to. Usually by 18 you can stop. That is only 4-6 nights/month you have to worry about bd. BUT make sure dh releases himself every 3-4 days ALL MONTH long or it can cause low sperm counts and low motility. Don't stress if sometimes he cant but most of the doctors have told me this lack of release is sometimes what is causing low #'s and motility -just because they are not releasing as often as they should and you end up with too many dead sperm and sluggish sperm that dont swim well. That way they still get to enjoy themselves, you can "help" orally or manually some nights and mix it up and then cd 10-16 or 18 make sure you bd. It has really helped us get out of the "have to mode" , and my cousin got pg the 2x's doing this method.baby dust to all. I got pg once but lost it early in the pregnancy


Pinky - March 3

Thanks. It's true. I have read that too..Sperms can live only for about 4-6 days and if you don't ejaculate it's die. Many couple try to save sperm (thought of low sperms count) but it's really end up to die after saving for more than 4-6 days and we thought we have build sperm concentration!!!...


Dee - March 4

I am tired of the sex too. And DH has had some trouble on two occasions in the past six months. I know it isnt really me but the pressure. I have been thinking of ways to spice things up. Dress up and maybe a video from time to time.


lilly2 - March 5

Hi, I am feeling the same and my darling too.We had great sex before decided to conceive a baby.It is all b/c timing and watching so many things days, pozitins, etc.We are very atractive to each other and we are laughing a lots when cant come stright when we should.Last month we had iui so after we been realy relexed with no worries as we new that semen is at the right time were it should be so we could enjoy the rest of the month.Good luck girlls and tons of baby dust to all.


angel_azn - March 6

isay that i have the same problem too...me and my hubby had great sex before ttc...but now things aren't just as what i planned for it to be...but haven't tried things yet it's been almost two years....but hopefully you guys get pg soon...baby dust....



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