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k8cherry - March 7

Peggsann - I just made my first appt. at UConn Health Center. I will also be seeing Dr. Maier. I am so excited and can't wait until my appt. Right now its scheduled for May 4th but I am hoping a cancellation comes around and they call me to come in sooner. I have had several test done already. What tests did you have to do with Dr. Maier? I am hoping that I already did the test that need to be done and I can't just jump right into things. Especially if my cycles stay the way they are my appt. will be on cd1 of that cycle. Dh and I have been trying for 3 years in June. When is your IVF scheduled?


peggsann - April 7

K8cherry; I read on the other post that you will be starting IUI this month; that is so great. I think we are similar in our cycles this month; I am on cd9 today. DH and I have been on hold for the past month due to the insurance co. wanting us to complete IUI rounds first. Finally my regular OB and Dr. Maier got AETNA to understand that IUI would never work and that it would be a waste of money. We are all approved as of yesterday and will do the needle class on April 11th and start the injections around April 19th (day 21). When will you be attending the needle class at UCONN? DH and I have been TTC for 2 years; I so hope this works, the older I get the more concerned I am about possible m/c or disability. DH says I think to much maybe he's right.
I think we may be starting the meds around the same time--what is your schedule look like? I will know for sure after meeting with the nurse for the needle instruction on Wednesday. I hope this works for us both this month. A late January, early February baby sounds great to me!!!!BABYDUST*****peggs


snoopy71 - April 7

Hi ladies; I am new to this forum; dh and I have benn ttc for about 1 year. I will be starting 50mg of clomid next cycle day 3. I hope we all get BFP's soon--you're right paggs, a January or February baby would be GREAT!!!! Wouldn't that be great if all of us get positives this cycle--good luck girls


peggsann - April 8

Snoopy that's great that you will be starting w/ clomid this month. Are you seeing an RE or did your OB prescribe it? I did clomid several rounds without success; I know a few girls that it worked for; one got a BFP on the first round w/ 50mg--hope you have the same results--good luck---peggs


snoopy71 - April 9

Peggsann; no I am not seeing a specialist; my ob/gyn has prescribed the clomid. My doc said we will do three trials of the clomid and if we don't have a BFP by then, we will be referred to a fertility specialist. Dh did have a SA and all was good with him; my bloodwrk was all good, but that was all I had. What tests did you have? If you don't mind me asking, why are you going to IVF and not doing IUI? I'm a little nervous about the clomid; did you have any side effects? I've read some really harsh tales about it-did you have a hard time with it? How many mg's did you take? aarg, why can't this just happen; I hate to take these medications--I have to remember it will all be worth it once I get that BFP. I'd appeciate any info and advice you can give. thx and baby dust.


peggsann - April 9

Snoopy; i took between 50 and 200 mg of clomid over several months. I had some side effects (se's), mostly an increase in cramping, feeling BFP symptoms and I was really bitchy with the higher doses. I had an HSG and bloodwork, a trial transfer for the IVF and ultrasounds; not really alot of tests compared to many of the other women I have read about. You should really make contact with the ladies on "the Best moms to be " thread; they are all really great and I think you'll get all of the info you will need. Although DH and I have been trying for 2 years; I really don't have alot of knowledge when it comes the testing and all of the meds--the ladies on the "best Moms to be" thread have many different experiences and are all in varying stages of TTC. Good luck; I hope you get a BFP soon. baby dust--Peggs



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