The Original TTC in July... Part I
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manyika - July 4

I went to the fertility clinic this am to get another u/s done as I still haven't surged. The nurse told me that I must have missed my surge bec. the follies seen on cd15 got smaller. How can I miss it when I've checked since cd12? Has anyone of you who took Clomid have experienced this?


wannabeamom - July 4

Rhonda, when it's over, it's over! Let's start over. Katt I love your idea about the name. and I would never be offended by that. I just wanted to started a new thread for July! I am not so creative either! ;-D


Katt - July 4

MANYIKA_ I am not on clomid, but I am learning from all of you who are. I think Robyn is using it?? KATHY_ The thread title has nothing to do with creativity as you are very creative, and everything to do with making a fresh start without the ugly posts on it _KATHY_ you're very creative and uplifiting to all of us! I think whomever wakes up first should start the new thread - I think we should note on this one at the END something about continuing are journey with dignity and respect for eachother and that the new thread will be nothing less than that and we won't accept anything less either - sound good? I hope I am not coming off as controling -I do not aim to be. I just know we are all over the place this month! I just wish there was a way to let everyone know as Christie, Christine and some of the others may get lost with the dbl...? <Anyone Looking for Cycle Buddies....TTC JULY Chapter 1>


kelley32 - July 4

Well ... I have read all of the posts on the thread, finally :-) ... my gosh, it took a long time!! Unfortunately, I can't reply to everyone personally, although I'd love to ... I just want to comment on a few things. I want to tell Robyn that I am thinking of her and tell her how brave and strong she is for how she is dealing with her son being away ... I cannot imagine being away from my child, even for a day ... heck, when DH takes her shopping with him for an hour, the house feels so empty that it's creepy. Kathy ... I have read a few books on dreams, and rape is associated with not being in control of a situation ... kind of like being on a runaway train ... can you relate? ;-) Slow, I'm SO sorry about the IUI not being successful, but I'm sure that the doc must have told you and DH that you may have to try it a few times ... I think that he probably made those comments because he is upset that it didn't work ... not because it was a waste of money ... anything worth achieving is never easy, and maybe you could gently remind him that even the remote possibility of having a child come into your lives and becoming parents could never be a waste of money. This is a time when you both need eachother the most, when communication is essential ... there is nobody better in your life to lean on for support. I know it's a difficult situation, but playing the blame game is the easy way out. I don't want to sound mean or anything, I just want you to be happy, Slow ... and BTW, I loved the joke, can't wait to tell my Mom. Katt, I think that your new thread idea is great ... this is the first time that we have ever had to deal with any negativity whatsoever and I think that we should move on ... but I feel that I must comment ... my feelings are a bit hurt that Tammy or anyone, for that matter, would feel uncomfortable with us, I have posted MANY times saying that anyone is welcome on this chain of threads, and we welcome them with open arms, we are not a nasty bunch in the least and of course some of us were upset about the July thread being taken over, it's only natural, we've been continuing these threads since March (that I know of, I have been here since March) ... maybe some people see that as childish, but for many of us, this thread is very important to us and a huge part of our lives ... it was sort of like having the carpet swept from under us. Anyway, enough about that ... I just hope that we only have positivity from now on. A gargantuate welcome to Manyika and Pml1307 ... I hope that you find as much joy and friendship in this thread that I have. Good night girls ... have a great 4th of July. XXOO


jamie74 - July 4

well how is everyone . good here cd18 for me and i dont think i oed because i never got a surge line or at least i dont think i did all this is consuming me like its eating me alive i am on clomid this is my 4th month on it and i hate it it makes me feel so hot all the time ok what if clomid dont work then what what is next after the lapo does anyone know i have already had a hsg 6 months ago is it time for iui because my cm is so thick and it looks like lotion all the time also robitussin doesent work for me babydust


Katt - July 4

KELLEY_ I couldn't have said it any better myself. I really didn't want to break the chain and start a new thread again, but I just feel like any newcomers might be put off by the ugliness. I for one look forward to poppingon here and talking to each and every one of you - I realise with 20 of us it is hard to keep up individually, but if we look back at our past threads we were all so chipper and eager. I just want to keep it that way;) Sorry for going all mushy but I love all of you and hope someday we'll get to meet as it would definitely make my day, no, my world! Thank you all for being so good and such great people. XOXO I am going to watch Days and will check in after, before i go to sleep. cannot stay up too late or I'll mess up Wednesday. My dog is freaking out! We're having a whopper of a thunderstorm and she is afraid of the noise not to mention the past couple nights of fireworks - she's a wreck! I am almost worried she'll do herself in panting and shaking like she is. I sure hope this storm passes soon as I am sure she'd like to go outside and relieve her stress and fears amung other things, LOL!


Katt - July 4

JAMIE74_I get that cm almost throughout my entire cycle. I went so far as to change my preferences in tcoyf software so it wouldn't recognise it a was too confusing, lol. I don't think robitussin works for everyone, but Kelley used it and got pg the same month! Whether ornot it's related we'll never know. :) KELLEY_ thereis something about you, not sure what - but I was actually waiting for your "ok" before starting up a new thread - I'd really like everyone's approval butit seems with the holiday I will not get it. I have faith we'll all find eachother. cyas


Tammy276 - July 4

Ladies, I was not trying to get ugly with anyone, and Rhonda did apalogize to me. But when someone is getting ugly with me, I am going to defend myself, thats all. It's done, over, obviously it wasn't that big of a deal changing the name because here you all are talking w/ each other right? And I said I was sorry for any inconvenience I caused so let's just leave it at that. Anyway. Again, we are ttc #2 after 2 m/c in the last year. I have a son who will be 2 in October, so we really want to give him a brother or sister. I am trying to get in w/ my doctor to talk with her about what I can do to shorten my cycle, they are irregular and somtimes last 45 days or longer. Not good when you are ttc. Have a happy 4th everyone.


Katt - July 4

TAMMY_ Glad to see you are trying to open up with us! We are starting over again with a new thread and welcome you to join us. I hope that we all decide that mentions of thread name stealing and ALL negivitivity should end here. We are a great bunch of girls and treat eachother as we would want to be treated and I certainly hope what we all had from March on can continue so our newcomers can enjoy the peace and enlightenment we all share and are willing to give. FIND US @ "Anyone Looking for Cycle Buddies....TTC JULY Chapter 1"


skeeter - July 4

I'd like to join the group. I just took my last Femara and go in for an u/s on the 10th. Hopefully I'll have follicles large enough and if so I'll give myself an Ovidrel shot. I have PCOS and my dh and I have been ttc for over a year now. I have a 7 yr. old that my dr refers to as my miracle baby. Good Luck all!! Baby Dust to all!!!


skeeter - July 4

I see some that have posted about Cheri. Sorry, I posted b4 I read all. She told me July and girl. July is either month of conception, month of birth, or month I find out I'm pg. Here's hoping:)


LeslieK - July 4

I will post this reply on this thread only because I want only positve thoughts on our new one. I only suggested using the word "original" to keep us from accidently clicking on the wrong one as many of us had done. I would never want to make somebody feel excluded. After reading on and off again today I was very discouraged and then relieved when the apologies came from all sides. I hope we can all continue on from this and keep supporting one another no matter when we join in the thread. I think sometimes people may not immediately get a reply when we are reading all of the posts and trying to repond to questions etc. but my advice would be to be persistant and flexible. Everyone here is really wonderful, supportive and helpful to many other women who are trying to make their way through this sometimes difficult fertility process. Baby dust to you all and see you over at the new thread **~*~**~



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