Thanks Drew
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mondo - June 4

Its great to know someone is out ther.Im46 my man is 34 we are ttc we know its slim but are trying anyway.We miscaried 10mths ago so we know we just gets so frustrating sometimes


Drew - June 4

Your welcome. Yeah, I know how hard it is, I also had m/c 4 years ago. I could never figure out why I couldnt conceive again, then I found out I had pcos. Are you seeing anyone for help? That may be something you want to consider. Sorry I cant chat any longer tonight, I have a few things to do before bed. I'll check back in the morning, and if your on we can chat then. Have a good night!


mondo - June 4

We got the alclear just age.thanks


Drew - June 4

Maybe try charting temps and cm this month. It can be kind of confusing at first but it gets much easier.


melanie - June 5

To Mondo: I'm in a similar situation. I'm 40 and my man is 29. We conceived back in Dec but was lost to m/c. I've been trying to conceive again but have not been successful.. My doctors prescribed Clomid, which I am finished my 1st round and I'm ovulating this month. I hope it works!!! Just don't give up. Are you in the U.S. You can email me at: [email protected] if you like


mondo - June 6

Hi melanie, thanks ,I was starting to think I was the only one it was so good to here ffom you.I am in Sydney Aus ill give the email a go.Do you have any other kids,Ive got 4(broken marrage)my man has nil hence my worries.Im O between 4th & 7th.Feeling crook yesterday & today maybe I got my days wrong or maybe it all the vitamins Im taking lol.My periods are still super reg,but who knows maybe baby got to keep the faith right!!Good luck this month and happy baby making.
Hi Drew thanks again,I am going to give it a go next month but god willing I wont have to.


mondo - June 6

Melanie,tried email,no go,I see if i can sort it out(Ray my son is a wiz)If anyone else can help great.



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