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Ann - July 29

I went off the pill in December and still not getting regular periods. They have ranged from 35-72 days but seem to be closer to the 35 day range now so I really don't know when/if I am ovulating. I had my last period on July 2nd, I started using the answer ovulation prediction test and have not found that I have not yet ovulated this month that I know of, but I may have missed it since I wasnt sure when to start testing. Last week I had very sore breasts for a week or so but I have gotten less sore over the past few days so I dont know what to think. Has anyone out there had anything like this happen after going off the pill followiing long time use? When I told my doctor I was ready to start a family after 7 years of marriage she basically said ok, call for an appt if you miss your period, or see you in a year. Do you really have to wait a year before your ob/gyn will check to see if you may be having problems?


Anna - July 29

Ann, I have been having the same problem as you. Once I talked to my OB/GYN, he started taking care of my problem right away. He gave me Provera to start my af and hopefully regulate my cycles. I'm still waiting to see if it works. If it doesn't, then my OB/GYN is starting me on fertility meds(I also had really irregular cycles before BC-so that is playing a role in all this too). Your md should be addressing this problem now, especially if it has been eight months since stopping BC. Good luck and hope everything works out for you! ***BABY DUST***


Anna - July 29

Oh, forgot to mention. I had been on BC for four years before stopping at the beginning of May to start ttc. And if your cycles are staying around 35 days, then your body is probably starting to regulate itself. And all you need to do is figure out if your Oing and on what days. But if your cycles are still all over the place, then maybe your md can give you something to help. LOL


CJ - July 29

My DH and I have been ttc for 10 months and my doc has already put me on Clomid. I got off birth control in September and AF has been very unpredictable since. My doc put me on Prometrium after about 4 months of ttc. I took that for 3 cycles and AF was still abnormal. So now she has me on Clomid and I had an HSG yesterday. Hoping for good things this month! I definitely didn't wait for an entire year before exploring other options so I don't think you should have to either.


Sue - July 30

Ann, I had the same problem. I went to the Doctor and was told that although we had been ttc for 13 calender months, it was more like 7 months because some of my cycles were so long. She wouldn't do any testing and I couldn't get in to see an ob/gyno without her referral. She did tests after 18 months. It really stinks that all through high school you are told it only takes once, and makes out that it is so easy to get pregnant, but then when you want it so bad you have to wait so long.



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