Starting Dose For Clomid 25 mg or 50 mg?!?!
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Staci - October 27

What did most of your doctor's start you out on first? 25 mg or 50 mg. I am just curious. I have 25 mg pills. I always read that you should start with the lowest dose which is 25mg. Doc says 50mg is fine, but I worry that I might not need 25 mg and it could up my odds for multiples


Staci - October 27

Oh, this is my first cycle on Clomid and I have PCOS. Period just started today and I am going to start my clomid cyles as well. I have heard starting on day 1 gets the best results!


cj - October 27

i started on 100 then the 2nd month he dropped me down to 50 mg because mylining was too thin. I think every case is looked at diffrently. ie i have age factor, male issue factors and mucous factors going against me.


Staci - October 27

Thanks CJ, I think I will just go with the 50mg!


r - October 27

50 mg


staci - October 27

Thanks r! How long have you been ttc?


Molly - October 28

Hi Staci, I am on cd 28 on my 2nd cycle of Clomid. Both times I have taken 50mg and after my blood test the levels were really good, which means I am ovulating on that dose. So i am staying on 50mg. I have been ttc for 13 months.


To Staci - November 5

I started on 100 and then dropped to 50mg with injections of FSH. I have never heard of anyone taking less then 50mg but if it works it works


Karen - November 5

I have been given a prescription for clomid 50 mg that I am to start on day 5 of my next cycle per my ob/gyn. TTC for 8 months now. Good luck to all!



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