Spotting but still BFN?
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maknyle - June 25

I am curious to know if any of you have yourself or know someone who spotted around AF time and had a BFN but then later got a BFP? A girl on my other forum didn't get a positive until 5 days of this spotting. This month I really "knew" I was pregnant. So, the BFN came as a suprise, but yesterday (putting me one day late) I began brown spotting that doesn't even hit the pad. This is extremely unusual for me. I haven't seen brown blood in years. It is the same today. This morning got BFN again. Do you all recommend testing again in 48 hours if I am still just spotting, or should I wait a week? Thanks for your thoughts and advice. What a pain our bodies can be!


Jaqi - June 25

It sounds like your pregnant cuz that is usually what happens. You get what looks like AF but its dark and stops after a day or two. Wait and do another test in 48hrs. I hope your pregnant!!!!


Jaqi - June 25

Or if you can, call your dr. and get a bloodtest, which is more accurate than the hpt.


maknyle - June 25

Thanks Jaqi. I hope that I am pregnant too. I am just really puzzled by all of this. Husband also hates it when I "waste" HPTs!


Ann1 - June 25

Yes, I think you should tes again. I don't spot at all before af. Saturday, June 17, I took a hpt and got a bfn. I started spotting almost immediately after, and assumed it was af. By Sunday night I still had no "real" af and the spotting stopped after Saturday. I didn't have any more hpts, so I took an opk and got a surge. I had my dh go get hpts, and I took another one Monday morning--bfp!! Confirmed by blood test later that day. Do you have a Dollar Tree there? You can get hpts for $1 each, so it won't be a big waste if you use too many.


maknyle - June 25

Ann, congrats on your BFP. We do have a Dollar General where they sell them for a dollar too. We just found that out this cycle. I felt like I wasted a ton of money. I think I am going to test on Tuesday morning if things continue the way they are. Regardless of the outcome I guess I should make an appointment with the OB since this is so unusual. I didn't have anything like this with my first child. I didn't realize it was as common as it is to spot some early on.


LadyD - September 26

Hi, ladies. I've never posted here before, but I had to once I read this situation. I have a 33 day cycle average. My last "normal" af was 7/28 & on 8/31 I noticed brown blood while showering which is an alarm that af will be here by morning & she comes full force for the first 3 days & then tapers off. Well, af never flowed out AT ALL. I spotted internal brown blood from 8/31-9/5, only saw it when I wiped. I am assuming next af is due around 10/4 so that's why I want to wait rather than go to the dr. & be disappointed more. I used 5 hpt's (3- $1 ones & 2 Clearblue Easy) & went to the hospital & had a blood test (the hosp. test was during the spotting) & they are all negative! Now, I tested 3 times during the spotting & 2 times after, but these tests were done like 2 days after the spotting stopped with $1 hpts. Am I wasting my time & $ still testing? I don't know if I would consider it implantation because I tested 1 day after the spotting stopped & 1 more time about 1 week later. When I was pg with my daughter, I tested 2 times in January (mandatory for the military) & they were both negative. In March, I had to take a test for xrays but I didn't realize I hadn't had a period since December (wasn't thinking about it, thought it was because of stress in the military), sure enough, it was +. I wonder if that's happening to me again. I guess my only answer is to test again or go see a dr. but I would like to know if anyone has experienced this brown internal spotting & was indeed pg? If it was af, I did bd this cycle around the time I should've ovualted too, so hopefully I am in the running still. I don't know if these are symptoms (didn't have any with daughter) but I haven't slept an entire night in a month, tired alot but that's nothing new for me, & my bbs aren't sore or growing but I've never had any & they didn't grow with my daughter & I actually lost a couple lbs. that I can't afford to lose. My friend said maybe it's anxiety or stress, which is possible, but waiting all the way until next week to see if af arrives is not making it much easier for me. Thanks ladies!



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