spotting at time of AF
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Marie - February 12

Hello all! Have read many comments here, but 1st time as a real participant! OK, 34 y/o, married, ttc for several months. Last AF 1-13, ovulated 1-27 (with ewcm), bd 1-28 am. What's my chances??!! Have sore bbs now (mostly on the sides), last Sat. (2-4) noticed white (lotiony) discharge, but one time only. Have spotted dark br./ pink 2-10, and today, 2-11, am stressed wondering if this is AF with a visit, or just earlly preg. spotting. Don't usually have spotting for this long without actually starting with more of a flow?! Would love some advice!! Have never been preg. before, and we want to be parents so bad!!! Any advice much appreciated here in Nashville!!


medas04 - February 12

have you taken a pregnancy test you may be able to take one now to find out if you are or not....good luck!!!!


hopeful06 - February 12

Marie.......Did you only BD that one time during O?? Did you BD before O also?? If you only BD'd once, there is a chance you're PG, but there would be a greater chance of pregnancy if you BD'd more than just once. My guess is AF is coming.....But, as medas04 said--a pregnancy test would probably be accurate now. Take one and see what it says!! Good luck and let us know!


Marie - February 12

Well, to be hones with you, my husband was out of town that week, so the only other bd was on Mon. 1-23! I have an ept in the bathroom, have just willed myself not to test yet since I've been disappionted previously!



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