Sperm with low motility and IUI...any success ??
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Annie - July 24

My husband and I ttc for 3 years. My husband has low and poor sperm motility (20%). All my tests were found very good. We did 2 IUI, both unsuccessful. Anyone got pregnant with such low motility ? Thanks.


Lena - July 25

Is his post thaw motility 20%? The freezing and thawing process kills or alters the morphology of the sperm. 20 - 40% is an expected range - with 40% being awesome and 20% being possible


Justine - July 25

My husband had low count (13.5m), low motility (30%) and low morphology (3% on strict test where 15% is normal). All my tests were normal. We tried to concieve for almost 3 years naturally without success and then did IVF with ICSI (IVF with sperm injected into eggs) which worked first time and I'm now 24 weeks. Good luck ttc.


Annie - July 28

Thanks for the replies. Lena, no, it's not after thawing. Justine, since my husband has normal count, our doctor suggests to try IUI at least 8-9 times.



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