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AmaSmith - May 18

My DH has a low sperm count ... does anyone have any experiences or suggestions on how to handle that. DH was married before and had his counts tested then. His first wife didn't really want children so they didn't ever do much about it. I'm just curious to know if there is something we/he can do. He has within the last 6 months lost about 70lbs and is eating great. BTW the sperm count tests he had were at least, or maybe more than 5 or so years ago and he doesn't want to get it tested again. He fears that they will tell him that he is infertile.

Any tips, suggestions, and ideas are welcomed and appreciated. :)

*+*+* Baby Dust To All *+*+*


Leilani14 - May 19

Hi! My DH had low count and low motility. We TTC for 6 months and with perfect timing we were concerned something was wrong. So DH did SA and the results came in with low count (13m/ml) and low motility (23%). Hw went to see specialist and was told to repeat the test in 2 months. One test is not reliable to make a diagnosis. As we found aout about bad SA, we researched a lot and DH started vitamins, and anti oksidans (L-carnitine and Pycnogenol). After second SA Dr told us that basicly we will need IVF to get pregnant and that nothing can be done to improve DH results. Well to make the long story short, after 8 months of vitamins and antioksidans, DH sperma count and motility returned to normal and we got pregnant naturally. I'm 22weeks now and baby is doing great. Dr. can't believe the improvement and he refuses that vitamins have anything to do with improvement. I don't care what he believes, I believe that in our case vitamins helped. Take care


cw - May 19

Hi girls! I was reading your post and know exactly how you are feeling!! Leilani14 congratulations on your BFP!!! that is great news! What vitamins did you have your dh on? I started mine on E-C-zinc, B complex. He has only been on thme for about a month so far. I am praying that it hopes.


mommy2josh - May 20

Hi AmaSmith, did you know that a simple fever can effect your hubby's sperm count for up to 2 months? I was shocked to learn that too. Why dont you guy do a vitamin route for a few months and invest $40 in a home semen analysis test. (it may not be AS accurate as a lab, but close enough that you will know if there is a real problem there). Look for multi-vitamines which are designed for men (should include Zinc, B vitamines, Selenium and also look into Dong Quai). Baby dust, baby dust, baby dust.


Leilani14 - May 22

cw I wish you the same luck we had. Dh was taking GNC Multivitamin for Men and extra L-carnitine and Pycnogenol. Take Care


AMS82 - May 23

There is a vitamin they sell at GNC called Fertility Blend for Men they also have one for women. its $30 a bottle which lasts a month. I have read the reviews and men did have an increase in sperm count and mobility, research it on the web, my fiance is taking it b/c he is an insulin dependent diabetic which can cause low sperm count. We have only been ttc 1 month.


Bless - June 3

Hi my dh has a low sperm count as well... i was also put on clomid and i have just started my 4th round today. We have just purchased vitamins called Fertilaid for Men. HOPE it works. Anyone else have sucess stories for dh with low count?



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