Solutions to stress
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Amanda - May 5

I need to calm down. My periods used to be regular, now they are all over the place. I need some stress reducers. Any adivce?


Melissa - May 5

Do you take yoga or pilates?


Amanda - May 5

no i really don;t have time for that much envolvement


Heather1 - May 5

You have to make the time for yourself. Get rid of some of those extracurricular activities. I have one job, my own company and do volunteer work because that's my personlaity. I have been TTC for the past year. I have shut down my business and stopped volunteering. I have made more me time. Massages and yoga/pilates are great. Also, I had a friend who had irregular periods and she did accupuncture and it worked for her. Good luck! Take care of yourself.


Melissa - May 6

Amanda: You really need to start making time for yourself. Think about it this way ... if you don't have time for yourself how will you have time for a baby? Even if you can just get a home video and give yourself 15 minutes a day. That's a great start.


christina - May 6

a hobby, a book, a craft a dance class, anything even just a romantic dinner with no baby talk is waht we do, as much as your not suppose to drink and be healthy if your not pregnant have a glass of wine, relax your mind and hopefully good things will happen! even accupuncture, go for a walk, a massage....i walk my dogs with my husband through the park to get our mind off this not concveieving stuff! it is hard and it is always there, but i found myself going month to month and just waiting not i do more for me, you should do the same!baby dust to all!


Amanda - May 6

I do make time for myself. I am a serious scrapbooker! I really need help during the day at work when that is all I can think about.


christina - May 6

beleive me i know i am a daycare teacher for 2 years olds i see kids all day and it makes me want one even more, so even harder to get my mind of it i understand. at work, it depends on what you do, let me see how i can help you, all my best.


Amanda - May 6

I am an insurance agent so I sit at a desk all day and think about what it would be like to actually be pg. A woman wished me a "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY" today and I thought I would lose it!!!!!!!!


christina - May 6

oh my gosh i hate that, i know people dont know your situation but that always kills me inside! and i totally dream about getting mother to be cards and all that mushy pregnant stuff! ok at the desk-let me think. email me we can chit chat [email protected]


Eve - July 15

What are some good ways to relieve stress? I'm driving my husband up the wall. I seem to be acting very now that I am expecting a baby. What are some good techniques to deal with nausea?


D. - July 15

There's a book called Conquering Infertility by Alice Domar. It's about the mind/body connection and she stresses meditation and guided imagery and such. I read it, appreciated what she had to say, and started meditating and doing yoga. It's made such a difference. I even play my meditation music at work and just listening to the music automatically relaxes me.

It takes a long time though. I am not only naturally a stressed person, but I'm also ADD so trying to calm my mind down was just a struggle. But after about 5 weeks, I finally had it down and practicing it made a difference even before I felt like I was finally REALLY getting it.
I have friends who have problems with meditation because they feel that it's somehow anti-God but it's not like that. Even if it's just you talking to God in prayer, all you're doing is relaxing your mind, relaxing your body, and letting yourself to be consciously aware of your surroundings and thoughts. Here's a link to a Christian site for anyone who wants a more faith oriented approach:
But I'm sure there are others in different faiths and of course for anyone not interested in any of those as well. It doesn't matter what you decide to meditate on. As long as the outcome is you more relaxed. Hope some of this helps in some way! I'm obviously really passionate about it.



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