so how long have you been TTC and what treatments?
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Tink - January 2

just curious how the stats looked around here....i know we have women here at all different places along the journey. ________i've been actively TTC for about 18 months. before that, we used no BC of any kind for about 4 years with no accidents, (basically if it happened, it happened) that is when i knew something was wrong. I've been on meds for 9 months now. 6 months on clomid. 2 IUIs with clomid, 2 IUIs with follistim injections and a lap (endo was found- mild). it's been a long fought road. testing this weekend on the 4th IUI. never been pregnant, 33 and healthy, unexplained IF. it's amazing how we manage to do this and stay sane huh? so what has been everyone else's journey?


SaintRose83 - January 2

Hi there, I have been TTC now for 18 months with no BC. I have had 2 MC's due to Low Progestrone. One at 5weeks and the other at 3weeks. Both a year apart. I don't Ovulate regularly, or have Reguar Periods. I am about to start my 1st round of Clomid this Thursday. 50mg. Then I have to take Progestrone Suppostories after I ovulate. Not sure exactly when I should take them. Doc thinks about 10 DPO. Any advice?? Sorry to hear about your long journey. There has to be an end in site though...


cspears99 - January 2

Hi everyone we have been ttc for 36 months, we are both 33 no previous pregnancies for either, we have done three rounds of IUI with clomid tripling the clomid on the 3rd round, we then took 3 months and decided to go to infertility clinic did all testing so far we both seem fine, dh sperm a little low but not to low to continue with IUI, soooo we decided to do the injectibles with the Gonal-f injections but Dec my period never came went over 2 weeks late and and had to get provera shots to start, so waiting to get my a/f this month on time, and going to start injections in Feb as long as a/f cooperates!!! so with the cost of our injections and thing with no insurance coverage this is it for us, mentally and physically I cannot do it anymore so this is our last chance, we live in cali and everything is so expensive and no infertility coverage, so fingers crossed and wish the best for all of you as well I will keep you posted!! happy new year, hope to see lost of BFP!!


tanner789 - January 3

hello ladies
i've been ttc for a lil over a yr now, to most of you that may seem like nothing but i know you can share in my pain of the devestating month after month trying so hard and the bfn. i am 27 yrs old and have been dx with annovulation and no periods on my own for the past 6 monthes. i stopped bc in dec of 05 and everything was normal until about the 3-4 month and everything went to crap. well my cycles stopped completely i sought out help from my obgyn he started me on clomid and i tried that for 2 monthes until he gave me the bad news that clomid wasnt helping me at all my follies were still underdeveloped, he referred me to a fertility spec. i just completed all my testing everything normal, inc hubbies semen analysis which was way above normal, in some ways i wish soemthing would have came back abnormal to explain the craziness of my absence of cycles and not ovulating. well the dr an i discussed several options and before trying ivf we opted to try clomid again with injectables, which she is very confident in. i dont have friends around me who understand this or who have been in the position me and dh are, i seek lots of support from this board, but even then its hard because most of the ladies on here are doing iui, or ivf, so to hear much postitive on clomid with injectables alone is a lil scary, but i'm hoping it works for me, it has to work for someone right or they wouldnt do it. well af was to come by now, so a rx was called in for provera and my new journey begins, good luck to all, if anyone is here taking clomid with injectables i would love a buddy to share things with.


gmh - January 3

Hello. everyone.. I know this may sound bad but it is nice to know that others are on the same journey... Anyways TTC for over 36months starting to actually loss track. Age now 37 started with server Endo at 28 lost one ovary. with meds put my body in to shut down for 7yr got married and started trying at once... tried w regular dr. then to specialist. I had another surgery for a (corpuslidious) sorry about spelling ... I have done clomid -- clomid with trigger shot --- Famara --- Famare w/trigger shot and Famara shot and IUI.... nothing is really working... So I am on to last chance Injectable with IUI.. Just had first IUI w/inject. on the 24th. Husband has a great count and mobility so I am the only issure.. I just don't ovulated Harmone level are not consistent and progestrone low... Starting those Suppostories on Sun... now just hoping .... Actually glad to be back at work to I have other thing to think about and do beside am I PG or not.....
Sorry for the length I guess I need to vent... thanks for listening (reading)


lqtoo - January 4

Hi ladies, My hubby and I had been ttc for almost 2 1/2 years. We went to a fertility specialist last year, had all the tests done and could find nothing wrong. We started doing IUI, alternating between natural and injectible cycles (using Puregon, or Follistum as it's known in the States). Our third round of injectibles finally got us a viable pregnancy (we saw the heartbeat yesterday). We still don't know what's why we can't conceive on our own, so I guess I'll be back at it again when we start to try for our second child.


Roxanne - January 5

Hi. My first pregnancy didn't happen until we had TTC for about 14 months. My husband tested at the very lowest level of normal for sperm count and I was having very irregular periods and cysts, etc. I finally started acupuncture and he started wearing boxers, and I was pregnant in three months. I don't know which one worked. Now, four years later we hav begun trying again. This is our fourth month TTC and my third month of acupuncture (normal length of treatment is 12 sessions once a week) and this is the second time in four months that I have felt very pregnant. The first time I was sick, tired, tender breasts, tight,full feeling in uterus, but finally started three days late. I still think I may have been pregnant. Then this month I have that same full tight feeling without all the other stuff. My normal cycle is 30 - 31 days and I am on my 36th day and no period. I tested several days ago and it was negative. Will try again in a couple more days. This seems much better than last time and I think it may be the acupuncture. I is suppose to balance out your body and get things flowing properly. Anyway, I just wondered if anyone else had anything to say about acupuncture. I wish you the best of luck and hope you are pregnant soon. Oh, my first pregnancy I was 32 and I'm 36 now. I also tried clomid a couple months for our first child and it didn't do anything.



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