signs and symptoms of ovulation on clomid
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shan - March 2

Has anyone felt any different on clomid when they are ovulating or are going to ovulate? Cramps, CM, breasts, etc...any signs or symptoms?


michelle - March 2

will keep in touch. you've probably seen the other symtoms as i've noticed your name in the other ones.
i've got my scan on day 14 monday the 7th, i will keep you posted if i've ovulated and if i feel any different.


shan - March 2

thanks michelle, it's comforting knowing that we are going through this together. Someone to talk to I think that i am driving my husband nuts so i am glad that i found this forum. I just want this so bad and the months seem soooo long when you get that negative pregnancy test every month. I just want it to work this time.


michelle - March 2

is this your first month of clomid? how long you been trying? i just don't bore my friends with it all, my boyfriend just doesn't understand all the words lol. this is excellent that we have people to talk to. fingers crossed for all of us.xx


shan - March 2

yes this is my first month, we have been trying (off the pill) since july of 04. I know that friends don't understand and the"men" totally don't understand how frustrating it can be let alone that it controls everything that you think about, or shall i say it's all i can think about. I have a 2 year old. She's wonderful.


michelle - March 3

shan- did you fall naturally with your first?


jb - March 3

i have only just finished last tablets last night and i have been suffering clear mucus and i hear clomid is meant to dry u out but 4 some reason i have been very wet sorry 4 this info but im still shocked you watch now i will be dry as a bone by day 14!!!


help - March 3

Anyone had thick yellow stuff a day after white clear stuff on chlomid?


jb - March 3

same here i seem to be more moist than usual not dry at all!!


michelle - March 3

sorry i wrote the one above but put sorry!!! x


jb - March 3

Thats it Michelle put my name down when yr telling everyone yr bits are wet!!!!haha Like yr style haha xx


michelle - March 4

ha ha lol really soz...
i'm always in such a rush on here!


luna - March 4

I've just had my first dose of clomid finished it on day 6 and I'm on day 15 now I' ve had rearly paid pains where my left overary is, not feeling very optermistic at moment as I don't have a tube that side so I hope my egg floats to the other side and goes down rite tube or it's all been for nothing. Got no pains on rite side and my doc said you overlate from different sides different months. Also I've had no dryness I just feel so tied all the time.


michelle - March 5

been really tired and can't sleep, don't help that we are trying to get a house so stressed with that and dreamt all night how i would decorate..
had loads of egg white ..
does this come before ovulation, when you ovulate or after you ovulate?? please


jb - March 6

egg white comes when yr ovulating babe so i hope you been having lots of sex haha xxx


Angela - March 13

Yes i have bigtime, very very swollen breasts and very sore,bad cramps.


jb - March 13

im craping have lumps in my boobs and lots of clear discharge x



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