Short Luteal Phase Disorder?
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Jen - August 18

Does anyone else have a Short Luteal Phase? less than 10 days between ovulation and AF? I'm concerned that I might have this...


annette - August 19

Jen, have you been tracking your past cycles? you can use opks and bbt charting to find exactly how long is your lp, and you will have an overall idea of your cycle. lp >8 days is considered okay, but 10-16 is good, i heard. but from my understanding, if you are ttc and you have a lpd, then the correction is quite easy. your luteal phase is less coz your progesterone level falls, so they will give you progesterone supplements to prolong the lp. hope this helps


Jen - August 19

Thanks Annette, I have a fertility monitor, and it seems I'm not ovulating until day 18-20 and I have a 28 day cycle although it has been getting longer and longer as the months go by. I miscarried July 4th, I think due to a short luteal phase aka not enough time for proper implantation. I will continue to track them to get an idea of how long my LP is.



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