sexual desire= fertility??
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Helen - June 25

If my sex drive is right up there just before my AF what does this I ovulating 3 days before AF??????


Drew - June 25

I don't think it has anything to do with ovulation. I think it may just be the raging hormones at this time of the month. I don't know, its just a guess! :)
~~~Baby Dust~~~


Helen - June 25

Thanks Drew...patience is a difficult virtue!!!


katy - June 26

I was wondering that too. I'm always in the mood the day before af, and then not at all the rest of the time. But I used the ovulation tests and they showed fertility 14 days after first day of af. SO....


Drew - June 26

Your welcome Helen. I also remember when I was pregnant with my daughter, and before my m/c I was really, well, should we say in the mood.
Lotsa luck to you ladies!!


Helen - June 26

this is great! I haven't been in this forum for long but love the exchanges and emotional support. thanks to all...



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