sex and pregnancy-is it OK ?
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p - October 3

i am not sure if i am pregnant or not-due to the fact that my af should arrive any day now- but is it ok to have sex or can that damage what is "going on in the body". i knew it is a dumb question but like most woman i want that bfp so bad that i dont want anything to get in the way ! any thoughts.....


Krystle - October 3

Sex is ok during pregnancy. As long as you are comfortable


Anna - October 3

Sex is fine throughout your pregnancy, unless you have/have had a high risk pregnancy. Then your md may want you to hold off until he says it's ok. I didn't find out I was PG until five weeks and the whole time my DH and I were DTD several times a week(sorry, if tmi). Studies have actually found that the rocking of your uterus during an orgasm is soothing to the baby. And remember that sex is such a natural thing that our bodies were meant for it, even during pregnancy.



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