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ec - March 23

I was told that I need not to have sex every day to get pregnant. That need to change it to every other day. Is that true? My boyfriend and I love doing every day. Does that effect me getting pregnant?


stephanie - March 24

yea that does affect u gettin preg cuz it lessons ur chances of gettin preg i have read books and looked on line and also talked to my sis bout it which has 2 kids and preg again cuz that is what me and my hubby were doin and she told us to stop doin it everyday..


tryin4baby - March 24

if you have sex every day then it doesn't give the male time to build up enought "strong, healthy" sperm. you can still get pregnant if you do have sex every day but your chances are greater to doing it every other starting the day before you ovulate and again the day after. we make sure that we do every other day for about a week just to make sure that we didn't get the days wrong of when i ovulate when trying on our own. if you are seeking treatment like i have been except for this month, then they can usually tell you when you will be ovulating and when to have sex or get an insemination done.


sm - March 26

Read somewhere here about sperm meets egg plan which is every second day for about first 10days of cycle then everyday for three or four days from 2day befor ovultion.


desperate - March 27

Hi. I just wanted to let you know that today i went to a doctor and i asked him the same question.....and he told me that i should have sex everyday around the days of my ovulation. But now i am really confused because i also heard that your should have sex every other day from someone. And since everyone is saying something else i just don't know what i should be doing?????Does anyone have an answer to this question from experience??? or has anyone else asked her doctor??


Angela - March 28

To desperate, I know from experience that you should have sex every other day.


KP - March 29

There is a higher sperm count if you have sex every other day.



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