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CC - August 24

We just got my husbands semen sample back and I got a copy of the results. My Dr explained most things, but wanted to get some feedback if anyone knows about these things..Per the results, the volume is 3.0, sperm concentration is 106.0 (my Dr said she had never seen a number this high!), time of motility is 45, motility is 45 L (this is where she said it is slightly low @ 60 minutes) and spemr morphology is 96..just wondering if anyone has feedback on these numbers?


CC - August 24

Lena (I have read from other posts that you do this for a living)...Can you give me your opinion ?


Lena - August 25

Volume, concentration and morphology are all excellent scores! I'm a bit confused by your motility, mainly be the "L" that follows the 45. Motility is measured in percentages not volume and a liter is too large of a volume even for a horse. So I'm assuming that perhaps it means 45 minutes post ejec the motility is 45%. If thats the case, then the value is subjective based upon the conditions the semen were stored for those 45 minutes. Sperm is very suseptible to light, air and temperature so samples left on a countertop, incubator, or cooled. In general 45% isn't an ideal number but its not bad either. Given your husbands other scores, he'll have more buggers available for conception at 45% then most males would have at 60%.


CC - August 25

Thank you Lena!! I think you are right about the motility with the 45 minutes post ejac.I did check the results again and there is no percentage to measure the motility, but you said exactly what my Dr said about the sperm and the conditions that could have affected the motility. They want to test him again in a few weeks to confirm the results and motility again (I guess to see if the results come back mostly the same)..You see no problem with us doing Clomid to start then with those results ? (You are bright star on this board to women like myself, thank you for your knowledge and expertise!)


Lena - August 25

Clomid usage is really independant of your partner's test results. The need for clomid is really based upon the woman's fertility needs. If you are ok and your husband seems to be ok, then clomid really wouldn't be necessary. The only advantage I could see would be increased follicular production, which would give your husband more targets. Clomid is pretty safe and inexpensive to use. Unless you have an ovarian cyst, it can't hurt to try it.


CC - August 26

Thanks Lena..I will be starting Clomid next month, had HSG yesterday and all clear..I am hopeful this will be the little push we need..Thank you for all of your help!



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