root canal and clomid
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pj - March 31

I just went in for a painful root canal..and was prescribed a 5-day antibiotic course. But, I just finished provera and am expecting Af anyday. I am scheduled to start clomid again. I just wanted to know, if anyone knows whether clomid reacts to antibiotics..I mean should I not take it this cycle...glad for any input


Amanda - March 31

if i were you , i would ask my doctor whether it will mess with the clomid or not .. good luck


Mega - March 31

Did you mention to your dentist that you are TTC? There are lots of antibiotics out there that are PG safe, & I always tell drs that I'm TTC right now so they won't prescribe me anything that could be harmful. But I definitely agree with Amanda about asking your dr now just in case. Good luck!


Cloe - March 31

PJ, I asked that question to at least 3 pharmacists when I started Clomid, and apparently there is only one drug out there that interferes with Clomid. Cannot remember the name of it but it is only used to treat breast cancer.


pj - April 3

Thanx guys. Sorry, I didnt reply earlier. I was out for the weekend. My antibiotics course ended yesterday. And my Af started yesterday... so I dont think there should be a clash . But, the bad news is that my tooth seems to have not hecome better


SashaP - April 3

Sometimes it takes a while for a root canal tooth to stop aching usually a couple of weeks. But if it gets really bad call your dentist.


pj - April 4

I just called him. It seems there is some infection, so I may need more antibiotics. But the worst part is that, I had a fight with DH.. Today was CD-3 and I seriously wanted to start my second cycle of clomid and my DH says, we should give meds a break and try naturally. I of course lost it... sometimes, I think he doesnt want to accept that I have a problem and I wont one day get up with morning sickness and exclaim, oh god! I am pregnant. Last month I didnt even ovulate... anyway, maybe next month. I am depressed


Mega - April 4

PJ--I'm sorry about your fight with your DH, they don't always seem to understand what we go through. And how long a month off seems to us. I hope he does some thinking today & you guys can work it out so you can start Clomid today. Hang in there. Sorry about the lingering infection too. Hope it clears up soon & your tooth pain eases up soon.


pj - April 5

Thanks mega. But, I dont think DH will change his mind. I know his heart is in the right place. He hates that I have to take meds, and that he has to have timed sex. He insists I try out this cycle naturally. What he doesnt understand is that normally my cycle is 35-50 days long, so it is not one month but two which will go waste. And I am already 30, so well......... but I do love him and I guess if only for him, I will take a break


Mega - April 5

Well PJ, not to get your hopes up, but even on a break cycle people do get PG, so maybe you'll be one of them. Also, just to let you know, when I made the switch last Summer from my OB to a RE I had to take a break from Clomid too (for 2 cycles I think b/c 1 got cancelled due to vacation plans) & I still O'ed though I got a cyst on the 2nd cycle. I have PCOS, so my cycles naturally are long & irregular too. So my point is there could be enough residual Clomid in you to trigger O & have a "regular" cycle this month. Good luck!


pj - April 7

Thnks mega. But clomdi didnt do the trick last cycle. I didnt ovulate and the doc had upped my dosage to 100mg for this cycle. So I am not hopeful. The only good thing is that I just read teeth infections can be very harmful in pregnancy, including causing premature birth. So atleast I did one good thing in not neglecting my teeth



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