Rape and conceived?
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Zadel - July 7

Have you been raped and conceived let's talk about it? I've been through the same thing.


Zadel - July 7

I was 19 years old when conceived my son but it was from a rape. I didn't have anyone to talk to. Now that I am 26 years I want to have another child but it hasn't happened yet. I wanted to open this post because when I was 19 I need to share my story and no one was there. I want to be there for others who just need someone to talk to.


Amy - July 7

hello. i think this is really sweet of you. I was raped when i was 15. i did not get pregnant from it, but it was still hard on me. i am married and have a 3 year old son. my husband and i are trying for # 2 now. i have tried putting it in the past and have been doing quite well at it. of course, being i was 15, and in school, no one then would let me forget it plus i went to school with the boy who done it. but, i am doing good. 22 years old and very happy. i wish you and anyone else the best of luck. we can move on and live our lives. we have that power. take care and keep on doing good. :) i know that it is hard but God will help us. God bless you for wanting to help people:)


???? - July 7

I think tis is a good idea for a post, but maybe this isnt the place for it???


zadel - July 7

if those who think this isn't the place to post this question I do have a website http://hometown.aol.com/takiy

just want to help others who don't have someone to talk to or who is trying to conceive after a rape and who is having a hard time to do so.



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