Question on folic acid and vitamin b's with folic acid
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tara - April 8

I have been taking prenatal vitamins with 1mg of folic acid and want to take mega-vitamin b's but the vitamin b's have 1mg of folic acid in it also. Is 2mg of folic too much? What are the consquences? Arent we really only needing 0.4mg of folic to begin with? Anyone know or how are you getting your b vitamins (50mg) without the folic?


Cloe - April 9

Hi Tara! 2 mg of Folic Acid is fine. Folic acid is a water soluble vitamin which means that if your body gets too much, it will flush the excess through your urine. You need at least 0.4 mg, and the upper tolerable limit is 1000 mg of folic acid per day without consequences. (800 mg for pregnant women) Hope this helps. ~*~*~*Baby Dust*~*~*~*



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