Provera but may be preg
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jane - December 15

Hi.. what happens if you have provera to start a period, but you may be pregnant though having a bfn?


cw - December 15

well you shouldnt start provera until you are certain that you are not pg. how late are you?


jcr - December 15

Jane, I took provera to start a period and was already pg. Dr did bloodtest that came back neg. And when period didn't start after provera they did ultrasound and saw thickening of membranes and did test and got bfp! My daughter is now 26 months old and very healthy. Dr. told me it was ok. Goodluck


Loulouse - December 26

Even if it was not me who posted. Thamk you for this reply jcr and thank you also for this intesting question jane. what was your dosage for the provera? I am taking it for the first time to induce af. I am taking 1 pill daily for 7 days. How long did it take you after stopping provera to have your BFP? Please respond...I thought there is chance that I might be pregnant.



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