Provera and Clomid
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AMK - August 11

My OB prescribed Provera because I have had really irregular cycles since I had my IUD removed. Should she have prescribed Clomid too? I was under the impression that Provera only jump starts your period it does nothing to help you ovulate..... any help is appreciated


Amanda - August 11

You are right .. the only thing provera does is induce your period. If your are ttc .. then you would think that she would give you clomid.. i am taking provera and i have 2 more days left... then i wait for my period and i take clomid 5-9 of my cycle ...

have you had any tests done to find out why you can not conceive ?? hope this helps some ... baby dust to everyone~*~*~*~~*~*~*~


AMK - August 11

She hasn't really done any tests. She was my doctor with my other pregnancies. One miscar and 2 c sections. She was wonderful. Everyone says she is the best OB around here. Even my pediatrician says that. I am beginning to doubt her... She hasn't done any tests, she doesn't seem concerned about my ovulation right now. Her only concern is getting my cycles kickstarted. My problem isn't that I am not having cycles, but that I am having too many. 5 in the last 3 months....


Amanda - August 11

wow!!! that is not good. well maybe she will be able to get it under control. i use to be like that .. and my doctor gave me provera for that too... are you trying to have another baby??


Anna - August 11

My OB/GYN put me on Provera last month to start my af since I wasn't getting one after stopping BC in May. From my understanding, Provera causes your uterine lining to shed and stimulates your ovaries at the same time, thus triggering your body to start your normal cycles, again. They, also, told me that it's possible to get PG on Provera since it stimulates your ovaries and may cause you to release an egg. For some it may take more than one round of Provera to get your cycles back in order. Ever since I had my Provera induced af, I have had a pretty normal cycle, ovulated, and am now possibly pregnant. I am waiting to test this evening. Plus, my cycles were crazy before the BC and then I wasn't doing anything after-not ovulating at all. So I would give it some time and, maybe, use OPKs during your cycle after your Provera induced af. Good luck!


AMK - August 11

That is promising. I just didn't understand why she wasn't concerned with the ovulation issue yet. Thanks, and good luck to you both! : )



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