Prometrium to induce AF
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DC - July 30

Hi Everyone

Has anyone taken prometrium or provera to induce AF? If so how many days after taking the pills did AF arrive? I took the prometrium for 10 days and now it is day 7 after and no sign of AF. Does this mean it didn't work?


soimpatient - July 30

It took me 7 days after provera (10 days) to get af. I didn't have any signs that she was coming...just bam, she showed up one day. It was much lighter than usual. I wouldn't worry too much. My doc said that it can take up to 10 days after the last pill. It is frustrating because you want to get on with your next cycle but hang in there and hopefully the evil witch will show up:)


tynadu - July 31

hello, I took provera i am now 3 days past last pill and still AF has not shown up. I really want to start my Clomid NOW!!! I'm not sure why this stuff takes so long.


DC - July 31

TynaduI am with you.I am tired of waiting. Last time af showed up on the third pill this time nothing...I am also waiting to start clomid.

soimpatient thanks for the encouraging words, are you still taking provera?


jal239 - July 31

I took 10 days worht of Provera and I got AF the day after I stopped taking it. AF was very light and only lasted 3 days. I have heard though that some may need to take it for a couple of days each month to get regulated. I am due for AF in the middle of Aug and I hope all goes well. I don;t want to be all messed up w/ my AF. But w/ just coming off the pill in May, things have been a little screwy.


DC - July 31

Jal239 It sounds like provera is working well for you. I hope everything goes back to normal quickly for you. I have a 20 month old DS and my AF still hasn't returned. It is very frustrating because the doctors don't know why.


soimpatient - July 31

DC, I am not on provera RIGHT now... I am on cd20 and waiting to O still. I am on clomid and I will probably have to take provera again to induce AF if I don't ovulate this cycle. Provera REALLY sucks. I read something about getting a shot of provera rather than having to take 10 days worth of pills. I might ask my doctor about that because the wait is truly painful. Sometimes I think that I am going crazy with all of the waiting involved in TTC...Wait to take 10 days of provera, then wait to get af, then wait to start clomid, then wait to O (repeat ) really sucks and I'm hoping that I won't be stuck doing this for too much longer:)


NB - August 1

I am on prometrium, but to stop af instead of induce it! I was getting it every 10-14 days, and it would last 8 days or so each time, so I basically always had it! So, I take it starting on cd 12 to prevent getting the "second" period each month! So far it has worked for me. My cycles are now about 25-28 days, and af only lasts 5 days. Sorry not much help with your initial question, just wanted to share! :)


wantingNwaiting - August 14

I was also given Prometrium to induce AF. I was put on 400 mg to take 1 a day which I decided to take at night. AF came on day first very light and brownish and now 5 days later and its still really heavy.



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