prometrium dosage?
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Val - September 8

I just started prometrium (progesterone suppositories) for the first time and I'm wondering what dosage others have taken? My RE has me on 200mg, 3x/day. Thanks for your input.


tibby - September 8

If you don't mind me asking that do you take the progesterone suppositories for?


baby1234 - September 8

I am on 100mg, 3 times a day. I had an IUI and will be on prometrium until the 15th before I test. I was told that this was to supplement my natural progesterone and not to get too worried if a forget a dosage. That makes me feel a little better about having to take them three times a day!
Are you having any side effects from the prometrium? I have tender bbs and a bloated feeling. Every now and then I get a cramp or two. Apparently, prometrium can cause drowsiness, too. I haven't really had to deal with that yet. Good luck!


isa - September 8

with iui i was on 200mg supps 2x/day startign the day after the 2nd iui..... with the ivf it will be 3x/day plus prometrium pills.


Val - September 8

thanks for your responses... It seems like my dosage is really high, but maybe not. TIBBY, I had the 21day test done last month and had low progesterone. My RE and naturopath think that this could be a reason why I'm having trouble ttc, especially since I'm ovulating every month. BABY1234 - I have been bloated, especially in the evenings. Got a little sleep yesterday also. And I've been having crazy salty food cravings, although I haven't read about that as a side effect. Good luck to you! ISA, how are you? When is your IVF?


celestia1977 - September 8

Hi. I take 200mg 2x daily the day after my IUI, up to when I get my period or if I get pregnant, I'll continue taking them until my 1st trimester is over. I have yet to get to the pregnant part though. I don't like it cause it makes me feel tired, craving all food all the time and bloated. It's confusing because those are all pregnancy symptoms too.


isa - September 9

hey Val, just had my sono u/s today and all looks good so lupron starts on 9/21 and then cd 3 I'll start my stims. I'm estimating my retrieval around thanksgiving or just after (Canadian thanksgiving that is) but will know more for sure when cd1 appears with full flow. How you holding up?


isa - September 9

val what RE are you going to?


Val - September 10

hi ISA- When is Canadian Thanksgiving? Early October? Sorry for my ignorance! My RE is at OHSU (Oregon Health Sciences University) Fertility Specialists. Not much new here. 6dpo and waiting for the 2ww to pass by. It's going reeeaaaaalllllly sloooooowly!


isa - September 11

Hey Val for some reason I thought you were Canadian my mistake. Our Thanksgiving is on October 9th. I wont have a 2ww per say b/c technically we arent supposed to try this month b/c ivf suppression is starting a week after ovulation. I was told though if af didnt show up when expected though to go for a beta and make sure I"m not pg before they start stimming me so we arent going to try this month -BUT should it happen I'd love it.



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