Prometrium and Pregancy
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tbtemplet - July 17

I have been ttc for 9mos. now. I have been spotting a week before AF so my doc. put me on Prometrium for 12 days 100mg 2x a day. I went for my day 21 blood test to check my progesterone level to see if it was still low. He said is was 53. Is this high or normal with Prometrium?? Please let me know what you think!


tbtemplet - July 17

Anyone know anything about this stuff??


Mega - July 17

Hi tbtemplet, I don't really know what the prog. level should be with Prometrium, I've only taken it once & that was to induce AF, which it did. However I can tell you 53 is a high progesterone level but I guess that would be expected while on prometrium. So it sounds like the prometrium is doing what you need it to do. That's good. I wish I was more help to you though. I hope this answered your question. Good luck!


tbtemplet - July 17

thanks mega! I will be calling my doc. this week to see what is going on!



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