Progesterone levels HIGH..anyone know what this means?
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NatashaV - April 14

Hi, I've been ttc for 2 years (35 years old) and no bfp yet. I've had my day 21 progesterone checked twice now, and both times the levels were REALLY high. First time, it was 68 and the second time it was 71! I've been researching online for hours/days and I can't figure out what it means. Most women can expect to have progesterone levels (on day 21 or 7dpo) of around 8, 10 or maybe as high as 15 on Clomid. Over 10 tells the doc that you're ovulating. My husband took the call from the nurse, so he didn't know to ask why the level was so high - all she told him was the number, and that it means I definitely ovulated (no doubt!!!). I'm on my first round of Clomid (50mg), but wasn't on anything for the first prog. test and obviously wasn't pg last month. I'm 11dpo today and going CRAZY waiting to find out if I'm pg! Has anyone had such high progesterone levels and/or can anyone explain what it means? Please help! Thanks!!!


Mega - April 14

Wow! That's great, really super prog. level #'s. You're responding really well to the Clomid, which is a good thing. Some people think higher levels of prog. are good indicators of pg, but unfortunately it's not a reliable sign of that at all. However, when you do become PG with those high #'s you'll be in good shape, it'll go a long way towards a healthy start to the pregnancy, so that's a good thing. That's my understanding of prog. levels. Good luck with the rest of your 2 WW. I hope though in your case the high level indicates your BFP is on the way. Keep us posted. HTH!!!


NatashaV - April 14

Thanks for your quick answer Mega! :) I'm sorry to say though, that I don't know what HTH means..can you please tell me. :) Thanks and baby dust to you! (I assume you're ttc)


Ann1 - April 14

Natasha, I believe that your progesterone is higher if you have multiple eggs. Do you know how many mature follicles you had this month? HTH=hope this helps. Have you tested yet?


Tracy88 - April 14

Natasha, I was on clomid for three cycles and two cycles yielded high day21 progesterone levels. It definitely means you are responding very well to the meds. I did not get PG on any of my cycles with clomid. You are producing a good # of follicles, which then produce progesterone once an egg is released. Has your husband been tested yet??? Mine is getting another test on Monday because even though we were told his first test was good, he has morphology issues, and that could be preventing us from getting pregnant. Good luck. Keep us posted.


NatashaV - April 14

Thanks everyone for your responses. My fertility specialist doesn't do ultrasound for follicles. Tracy, you think that the high number is because there are a lot of good follicles then? That sounds like a positive..maybe? This cycle was my first on Clomid and my first IUI. I did an OPK to find out when to come for the IUI and then a day 21 prog. test. That's it! So, I've no idea how many follicles there were. I think it's mostly in the U.S. that they do the follicle testing and the hcg testing right after etc. Ann1, I haven't tested yet because I hate to see that stick without a line..such a downer. I'm only cd26 today (cycle is usually 28), so I "don't "expect af in two days. Tracy, dh was tested last year (fine) and again when they do the IUI they test the sperm before they 'wash' it. His had the best rating possible, so it's all good. How long have you all been ttc, and what cd (or dpo) are you? I just wish I could figure out why my prog. is so high this month and last month! Any more info on this would be appreciated! Baby dust to all of you!


Tracy88 - April 15

Trust me, the levels are high because you had good follicles and perhaps a good number of them. This info I derived from my doctor. My levels were high too, so there was no explainable reason why I did not get PG except that perhaps DH's morphology stood in the way. If your DH is fine then you should get PG with clomid having such good progesterone levels. Had my doctor been paying attention, he might have realized that maybe I wasn't the problem, but my husband may be. Oh well, I am seeing a new doctor now and DH is getting tested again on Monday. We may be doing IVF in July or Injectibles next cycle. I am currently only on cd8 and have been TTC for about a year and half. Basically ever since my husband proposed to me and told me he'd like to have a baby. I've had most of the necessary tests and have come away perfect so far. The only thing I have not had is a laparoscopy, which I may still get pending DH's analysis. The doctor really doesn't think I am the issue here though. Keep me posted!!! I am really interested to see how this works for you. My sister got PG on her second cycle of clomid.


NatashaV - April 15

Thanks for the vote of confidence Tracy. Unfortunately, my temps went down 2 degrees this morning (12dpo), so I think AF will show up tomorrow morning. I do plan on taking Clomid on days 2-6 this next cycle and hopefully getting another IUI done (provided dh is in the country, he'll be returning on what will likely be cd14..that's cutting it close and is on a Saturday when the clinic isn't open). Anyway, no sense worrying about things you can't change, right? What were your progesterone levels Tracy?


isa - April 15

Natasha sorry tohear your temps droppedd. One reason some people on clomid done get pregnant is that the clomid thins their lining too much. That happened to me both times I was on it (they only know by doing an ultrasound) and it is the main side effect of clomid. Both months the doctor had to give me estradiol estrogen to increase my lining. Neither month I got pregnant and he stopped prescribing it after those 2 months because I could not keep a decent lining while on it. You cannot hold a pregnancy with a thin lining. Is there any way next time you try clomid you can be monitored with an u/s on around cd 10 (if no other time) to make sure your lining is thinck enough? I am very surprised you are not monitored while on clomid because if you produce too many follicles you can get ovarian hyperstimulation (had that and it is not fun and can be very very dangerous needing to sometimes be hospitalized and have abdomin or lungs drained), as well as ovarian twisting. Ultrasounds are very important when on fertility meds. I don't mean to scare you its just things I have learned on my long ttc journey.


Tracy88 - April 16

My progesterone levels were 32.6 the first cycle, a 9 the second cycle (YUCK) , and a 53 the third cycle. I was not monitored either which is what disturbs me, because now I am left questioning why the clomid did not work for me. I was seeing and OB, so he didn't typically do ultrasounds, but when he wanted me to take it for a fourth cycle, I said I would do it if he would give me an ultrasound. I ultimately did not take the last cycle because I got a sinus infection and had to take lots of meds for that, and have since seen a new doctor. I may be doing Injectibles with IUI next cycle, or we may have to go straight for IVF, due to DH's morphology. We will know in about a week or so once his new sperm analysis is done on Monday and the results come back. The problem may not be me at all. We shall see.


Tracy88 - April 16

Just wanted to add that I also wanted the ultrasound done this last cycle because I wanted to make sure I had not overstimulated my ovaries or produced cysts. Three cycles of clomid got me kind-of worried. I just wanted assurance that all was well inside!!!


NatashaV - April 17

Hi ladies, I actually posted this question again (slightly different) because I couldn't find this post again! Oops! Anyway, af showed up this morning..VERY depressed about that. I guess after my next IUI (in two weeks or so) I'll ask the nurses about my high prog. levels. I'd ask the doc, but it takes 3 months (!) to see the actual specialist and the nurses are the ones who do the 2nd, 3rd etc. IUI). I may also ask about ultrasound...thanks!


nic - April 20

I just found out my progesterone level today - I'm a week past ovulation and my level was 144!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had 3 follicles so I'm wondering if that's why it's so high? It's the first time I've ever done this sort of test so I have nothing to compare it to. I'm 33, btw, and I take Clomid too.


NatashaV - April 20

Hi Nic, do you plan to ask your doc what the high level means? Of course if you're pg, then it might just mean..that you're pg! :) Anyway, will you please let me (us) know what the doc says about your high progesterone level? And good luck this cycle...!


Tracy88 - April 20

Hey Nic, that progesterone level is great!!! Unfortunately you cannot tell if you are PG by looking at progesterone levels, but the good news is, you have about a week to go until you can find out. A week is nothing. It will seem like an eternity, but let us know how things turn out in the end. Natasha, sorry about AF. I know it's hard...I was devastated, but try to remember that my sister got PG on her second cycle. The difference between the high of hoping and the low of failure is huge. Keep the faith my friend. Also remember that clomid will make you more of an emotional basketcase. I did not feel like myself again until weeks after my last dose. I feel really good now and dread doing any meds. By the way, I found out that my husband's sperm really are fine. I have an appointment on May 2nd to discuss the plan for my next cycle which should start around May 5th.


NatashaV - May 2

Hi ladies, I went in for my 2nd IUI yesterday and asked the nurse about my high progesterone levels (the first NOT on Clomid was 63 or 68..don't remember exactly) and the second ON Clomid was 71). The nurse said that it's a really good sign of great ovulation to have such a high number. I said that 7X higher than normal (10 or 15) didn't sound good to me, she said that 'normal' ranges for progesterone are 10-90 and that my numbers fit in there. So..thanks to all of you - you were right Tracy, it's a good thing. Yay! Funny, I always assume the worst. :) Nic, your level was really high..are you pg?!? Baby Dust to all!



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