progesterone levels
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Holly - December 5

Suposedly I O'd on Nov 25th (around that time) As on the Monday following 28th)I went in for the US and the lady said it looked like I ovulated. The Dr.s office called and said that my progesterone level is at 9.5 So does this mean that I did not ovulate??? I don't understand why they won't explain this to me. I really want to give up on trying..with all the pain I had and going into the ER and the hotflashes and feeling sick..I am really frustrated..I feel like crying my eyes out.. Does anyone have any insight about the test please?I am on cd25


Holly - December 5

I have also posted this in venting frustration 2 ..sorry for the repeat post but I am concerned and upset at the moment.


Mega - December 5

Hi Holly. I answered your question on the day 21 post, but I'll reiterate it here too. I'd say with that progesterone level you did ovulate. 10 and above is considered "normal." Your prog. is a little on the low side but not enough to affect things I'd say. If you are concerned though, next appt. discuss taking progesterone supplements (suppositories) with your dr. However really, that's not bad. I hope this eases your mind. Hang in there. Good luck. My prog. level was 13.7, so not much higher than yours & my dr wasn't unhappy with that result.


Holly - December 5

thank you again Mega.. I don't think I O'd because AF decided to show up..or unless something is wrong like a mc. thank you again for your imput.I will ask my dr about the progesterone supplements. Do they work well? Have any wierd side effects?


Mega - December 5

I'm sorry about AF rearing her ugly head. As for the progesterone supplements, I haven't tried them personally. But I've heard they help raise your levels a little bit, & you don't really have that low of levels to begin with so I'd imagine they'd be quite effective for you. Good luck next cycle!


Becca D - December 6

Hey Holly - sorry for your frustration. I've been having the progesterone issues in the past as well. Actually the last test that did was on day 26 of my cycle...I ovulated this was 7 days after ovulation. My progesterone level was 4.5 - very very low. They say anywhere between 4-28 indidcates ovulation. My doc was not impressed by this number, indicating poor ovulation. and he told me to stop my progesterone supplements b/c he did not think there would be anyway I conceived that cycle. But seeing that I only had 2-3 days before AF was due, I thought I'd wait. I took a HPT three days later and it was postive. Went in for my HCG and Progesterone levels and HCG was 64 and Progesterone 20.....they checked them a few more times, both rising as should and I'm now a little over 6 weeks pregnant...have seen the heartbeat twice now, yesterday being the most recent. We are praying so hard that this is a successful pregnancy with a healthy little one( We've had two miscarriages in the past two years!! ) So anything is possible...good luck to you!!!


Bump - December 7




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