Progesterone level after clomid?
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sheng - April 26

Hi, I am cuurently on clomid 50 mg. I just went in for progesterone test one week after ovulation and my number came back 7.5. I don't know the unit for it, but my doctor said it's a very good value, their reference is 4. Anything above 4 means a good ovulation. I have seen a RE before this one and was on clomid 50mg with the first RE for 3 months with no success. For those 3 months, my progesterone came back all in the 20 or 30s and their reference is 15. My current doctor is at UPenn. Can anyone explain to me why the reference is so different, is it because of different unit for progesterone being used?
I had 2 miscarriages before, and my first RE suspects that low progesterone is the reason.
It just bothers me if different practices can have such big difference in what's acceptable and what's not.
Thanks in advance!


ROBYN - April 26

Well I am no expert but my first level of progesterone before my RE gave me clomid was .28. Last month was my first round on 50 mg it only was 2.8 there exceptable range is 10 and above anything below that is not ovulating. So i got AF had my u/s on cd2 and now am on 100 mg clomid from 3-7 today is cd6 for me. So I am curious to see what happens this month. Good luck


Tracy88 - April 27

The only thing I would suggest is to ask the doctor why or how their scale differs from other doctors. My doctors have all used the same: 10 for unmedicated; 15 for medicated cycles. My first month on clomid I had a level of 32.6, the second was a 9, and the third was a 53. Call them!!!


wannabeamom - April 27

My levels have been like Tracy's, all over the place. This cycle was low,4. Last cycle I was at 70. I honestly don't fully understand it all sometimes. i take prometrium starting day 17 so how could day 21 be so low??!! Well if I am not pg this time I will be starting with a specialist. I will fell better asking questions. I like my Dr. but he lives in the same town and is about my age. Makes me a little uncomfortable. It doesn't help he is the first male Dr. I have gone to. I feel silly when I ask him questions about hostile mucous and things like that. He gives me very dry answers and is very as a matter of fact. He is very nice otherwise. Okay, I rattled on long enough. Babydust*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*


sheng - April 27

Thank you all for your reply. I have another question for Tracy and wannabeamom. So for the month when you progesterone level is low (~9), did you ovulate?


Tracy88 - April 27

The doctor explained it this way....he said I ovulated, but it was not strong and healthy. The months I had high progesterone, he said I probably had two or three follicles that were strong and healthy, the month that was low, showed that I ovulated, but it was probably only one weak follicle. Wannabeamom, what day do you usually ovulate on??? Like, do you ovulate on cd14? The day 21 progesterone level is indicative of the amount and quality of your follicles, not whether you supplement with Prometrium or anything else. At least I don't think it would affect it. I will admit that I am NO PRO, so I am just going by what I have learned so far. Hope everyone has a good evening wherever you are!


wannabeamom - April 27

Sheng, I definately o'd. My doctor seemed puzzled. But I am have light brown bleeding. So my dr. ordered a pg test. i go tomorrow. Will let you know what happens. I have butterflies in my tummy!



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