Prejudical fertility doctors and I WANT TO HAVE A BABY
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7th cycle on clomid - February 13

I have failed to get pregnant naturally for 14months also failed on clomid 50mg alone for 4 cycles and have failed 2 IUI's with clomid50mg this past 2 cycles. I am now about to do a 3rd IUI on clomid50mg for a 7th cycle. I'm SLOWLY LOSING HOPE. Lately feel like not taking my metformin and prenatal multivitamins - feel like there is no use in trying anymore! I don't think my doctor is doing her best in inseminating me - she herself said she don't think she got it into my uterus far enough but she still takes full payment. I asked my doctor to prescribe me HMG to help my eggs mature so that I'll have better chances of conceiving, she said no that all it does is produce more follicles but I read on a website that it don't just produce more follicles but that it makes them grow to mature size, which is true? I'm so confused.
The first doctor I went to I asked him to prescribe me clomid(I'd already researched on it beforehand) he declined and said we have to run tests first - which was fine with me but he kept stalling me on purpose for 7months, I remember the first day I had an appointment with him I went with my boyfriend(now my husband), he had pulled me aside in a room and questioned me about my bf which I thought was unethical of a doctor(He was prejudicial towards our 25yr age difference-questioning me about his age,etc)- the problem of infertility is all me(pcos,insulin resistance,left blocked tube) my husband's SA came back normal.
I am so confused about which doctor is trustworthy and if they are actually doing their job, my present doctor gave us her card with a beeper # to reach her at anytime which I have been trying to reach her whole weekend- probadly beeped her about 10 times needing to talk about my prescription,irregular seeming period and when I should come in for ultrasounds/most likely day of IUI so that I can take off work those days,etc. to no avail, finally my husband called the hospital where she works and told our situation TWICE, she finally called this morning saying she was snowed in upstate - what does that have to do with her beeper and cell? she could still of called.
My husband and I or rather I decided that if this IUI dont work that we should consider looking into IVF grants, put I am so confused and worried cause I dont know if these people won't also stall in helping us get pregnant because of their prejudice.
I really hope this 3rd IUI works....
This is so depressing


KAY - February 13

My first question is, are you sure you are ovualting? Has your doctor told you that you for sure are, or are you using opk? You can get as many IUI you want but if you do not have an egg to go to, no pg. My next question is, is your doctor using a sonogram to see if it is your right ovary that is releasing the egg? I fyour left tube is blocked, and you ar ovulating, but it is from that ovary, no pg.
Most importantly, if you are not comfortable or confident in your doctor, you should get a new one asap! I love mine and he did everything he could, and boom I got pg. IVF is very expensive, I would try going to a different dr, first. Do you have a friend that absolutely loves her dr. The best way to go is with happy patients already. Sorry I was not much help, but not really an expert on this stuff, just been through ttc for a while. God Bless!!


Mega - February 13

I pretty much echo exactly what Kay said, especially about changing drs ASAP. Go with your gut, you don't think you're getting the best treatment, you probably aren't. Also, since they know you have a blocked left tube, has anyone discussed options for you regarding getting it unblocked? Surgery, no fun, but could be beneficial. Also, the drs you've been going to, are they both OBs? Because if you haven't seen an RE yet (Reproductive Endocrinologist) I'd suggest finding one of those that you like & trust. I'm sorry about all the failed IUIs & clomid cycles. My story is similar to yours & it there will rough days. But hang in there. Good luck on your 3rd IUI. Baby dust to you!


Elyse - February 13

HI - we are all in agreement here. Has your dr told you what the diagnosis is? Is it unexplained infertility? Are you ovulating? Did she do an ultrasound to check for follicles and maturity b/f the IUI's? Is she a reproductive specialist? How the !@#$%^&* did she not inseminate properly? I think most of all, you need to go to a dr that YOU are comfortablw with and not someone whom you feel is judging you. My partner and I (yes, I am a lesbian) are working with THE BEST dr's. They were not the 1st ones we met, but we waited until we found specialists we were comfortable with before we started the process, becasue it can be confusing and emotional and you need someone who can attend to more than the medical issues.


Elyse - February 13

By the way - when is the IUI scheduled?


7th cycle on clomid - February 14

HI everyone Thank you for all your support.
I had a transvaginal ultrasound today- my biggest follicle being 12, should go back for another ultrasound on Thursday and IUI would most likely be on saturday or sunday. Yes my present doctor is a RE, she said that she couldn't insert the catheter far enough into my uterus because my uterus is slightly curved though normal. None of my friends have any problem conceiving, my current doctor is about 1hr 15minutes drive away but she charges less than the doctors that are closer to where I live whom charges double that and I dont have insurance.
Yes I ovulate on my own but not every month.
I have transvaginal ultrasounds done before the IUI, I was told that even if I ovulate on my left ovary where my left tube is blocked that my healthy right tube make pick it up.
I am searching to find a specialist closer to me, whom would be kind/caring and do their job to the best of there ability without prejudice, but so far nothing.
Again thank you all for your kind words


Lynn - February 14

7th cycle on clomid......I am missing my right tube due to ectopic pregnancy in Sept 2005. My RE said it could happen that my left tube would pick up an egg released from my right side but it basically would be a miracle (not un heard of but not common). I value his knowledge and he is wonderful. I did have to chage RE's in the practice I was going to seeing they all practice different ways and I needed to find one that met my needs. Please put your needs ahead of hurting a doctors feelings. If you have questioned and have so many doubts with what you are being told or how they are treating y'all with an age difference...I agree with Kay and the rest...time for a new doctor. Maybe a break from clomid while finding a new RE might do your body some good. Has your RE suggested femara? Sometimes people who are not responding to clomid respond better to femara. Just a thought. Good luck to you.



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