pregnant now or never again!!
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now or never - February 24

hi guys..i really need your help with something..I am 21 years old and want to have a baby.I had an abortion 1 year ago and it has been really hard to get over doctor told me that I have PCO(found 4 cysts on each ovary) and that I should try to have kids asap..also that PCO is a cause for infertility and hence my decision to try and have a baby as I do want a family..I can't help but feel that having that baby was supposed to be a part of who I am today.I have had this overwhelming feeling that it is time to have a baby..could my body be saying something?It could be now or never!! Please help me with this..I really need to hear from you :-(


rose - February 24

are you married or in a serious enough relationship to have a child? i dont know too much about pcos but i have read sevaral posts by other women who have it and are trying to concieve, so it is possible!!! many women feel as you do after an abortion and although i must say that i dont neccasarily agree with it i beleive everything happens for a reason and since you made that decision it was the right thing for you to do...dont beat yourself up!!!! good luck with whatever you decide...


now or never - February 24

my bf says if it is our last option then we'll have one..


$weetne$$ - February 24

your are only 21, I myself am 20 and also have PCO. i think you should go see a specialist for your PCO cos what the doctor told you about having babies right now cos you wont be able to in the furture is not realist at all!!! I do agree that in your 20's your fertility is at your highest, but thats the same for every woman, not jus woman with PCO. Dont get yourself down, and if your not ready to have a baby then dont. If you would like to talk you can email on [email protected]


luna - February 24

now or never I am 33 and have just been told early feb that I have pcos also I only have one tube lost one 3yrs ago you shouldn't have a baby to replace a baby you have to have one for the rite reasons .babies don't nesercerly fix things so think long and hard before you have one. I'm over 10yrs older then you and my doc says I have a good chance of getting pregnant also ask you doc about CLOMID I hear this is rearly good for people with PCOS GOODLUCK!!!!


heidi - March 1

you should try if you think it's time..things don't happen for were supposed to be a mother..god didn't make that were pregnant for a reason and if you think that is really what you're ready for..have faith and do what your heart tells you.



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