Pregnancy with cysts, is it possible?
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Shay - April 3

I found out in Jan that I have a small cyst on my right ovary. The dr said it was no big deal and put me on clomid (I don't ovulate because of bcp). I have done 2 rounds of clomid and I am on cd19 right now. For the past week or so, I have had horrible pains mostly on my right side but occasionally on the left as well. Do you think this could be a sign of ovulation, or do you think this could be a sign that I am developing more cysts? Is it even possible to get pg with cysts? Any advice, comments, concerns would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!


Shay - April 3



Bump - April 5



PoohBear - April 5

Those are common symptoms of ovulation but Im not a dr so I cant tell you for sure. There are test that you can take to see if you have o'd or if you are about to. Yes Ive heard that you can get pg with cysts. Although sometimes the csts may grow but if your dr has told you not to worry then go with them. Hope I helped you. GL



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